Bali preparation: clothing

At the end of next month I will be jetting off to the beautiful Bali for a holiday and for a friend's wedding. It will be my first time there, and my first time travelling solo, although through my friend she has introduced me to her friends, and will be meeting up with them when I arrive. I won't be seeing my friend, the soon-to-be-wed Jo of A Rainbow Life, until her wedding day. It's been years since I last saw her, not counting FaceTime and Skype video!

So my usual holiday preparation has begun where I think about what I need to buy in preparation. Number 1 thing was clothes. I don't have any nice hot weather clothes! The dresses I bought in Thailand I've decided I'm not a fan of, and I needed some shorts as I wasn't planning on wearing denim ones! I get away a lot with singlets at home so i have that covered, but denim shorts and jeans just aren't going to cut it (unless I want some serious leg rub rashes). So I hit the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) yesterday with Mum, and came out of it spending just a little over $120. The purchases:

  1. A dress that I've decided I'm going to wear to the actual wedding (pictured)
  2. A brown belt around said dress (pictured)
  3. A pink and white Billabong strapless maxi dress
  4. A white billabong watch (normally retails for $150 and purchased for $25!) (pictured)
  5. A pair of strappy wedges to be worn to the wedding (pictured)
  6. Matching earrings and bracelets (pictured)
  7. Pearl earrings (pictured)
  8. Navy cotton shorts that either full to knee length or higher than I usually wear shorts, but a couple more weeks of healthy eating and a fake tan and I will be showing those legs off in Bali
  9. A black and white Billabong singlet

All in all I think I have done well!

Sadly, my boss at work has implanted an idea into my head about makeup. She was telling me about this makeup that doesn't melt in the heat, and now I can't get it out of my mind. The foundation I use on a regular basis is just a light one designed for basic coverage but it easily wipes off at the best of times. I think in preparation for Bali I will be revisiting my makeup collection, and also learning how to do some spectacular eye makeup so at that wedding I will look HOT!

Oh and FYI, I expect to be making more clothing purchases in Bali. Given my wardrobe at home is deplorable, it's inevitable really. There needs to be more shopping done in preparation for winter too. *sigh* this is when a PA who knew my measurements and was a stylist could come in handy. Ah well, best I learn how to do it myself then.


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