Crazy week

This morning I’m allowing myself a rest day, although I might do some yoga later. I’m so sore today! I’ve had a great week workout wise, but the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) have well and truly set in. 

It’s been a crazy week this week. At work, we have a guy on holidays at the moment so I’m covering both his and my work. It means I’m in from 8am whereas normally I had an extra hour up my sleeve. I’m still not too good at actually leaving on time though. Look at the difference in work time this week from the last – definitely more hours getting clocked up!

Unfortunately that also means that I’m missing my blogging time in the morning. I’ve been making sure I’m remaining dedicated to working out each morning, as that helps to keep the stress levels at bay. It just means that by the time I get home, I can have breakfast and a shower, do a quick few chores around the house, and then I’m on my way to work. 

In the evenings it’s over to the new property for dinner with Mario and his father. His dad has been doing so much work at the house this week, we are very lucky and so very grateful. This week we’ve been making decisions around lighting and colours for walls etc. 

By 8pm I’m starting to fall asleep in my chair. We come home, get ready for bed and pass out. It’s not leaving much time for blogging. 

The guy at work comes back next week, which is great. I’m sad to say we will be at a funeral on Monday, but from Tuesday onwards the pressure should be off at work somewhat. I think we start painting next week so nights might still be a bit skint, but I will definitely try to get back to a morning post routine! I’m overdue the latest photos on the house as well!

Now to go and do some stretches…you know you’re sore when trying to get a coffee mug out of the cupboard is difficult! 

Let me know your thoughts!