Training journal: Week 4

I had a great week this week. Two runs, two strength training sessions, one yoga and one long walk. Training week 4 held all the goods.

Running/MAF training:

I hit a new PB in distance with the MAF training, which was exciting to see. It’s fun to see the performance gains as my body gets fitter! It was a nice solid run, and I’m thrilled to see my body is pulling up nicely after my runs. The yoga is definitely helping my hips.

The walk on Sunday was a nice way to get out and catch up, except for the whole “get called into work thing”. Boo.


Speaking of my hips, I did only one session of yoga this week which isn’t ideal. Preferably, I would like to be doing at least 2-3 sessions a week. I might have to add some at night, even if it’s only for 15mins. This week has been a little crazy from the renos that we are doing though, so we’ve been a bit time poor at night.

I’m only a few sessions away from my 52 goal of completing the beginners course, which is great. I’m redoing a few of the sessions, mainly the stretching ones. They’ve really been helping my hips, and I can slowly feel my flexibility increasing.

Strength training:

The Nike+ session is proving to be a nice challenge. I’m learning some new moves, and there are definitely some interesting ones in there. The sessions feel easy but challenging at the same time, and to my surprise I had quite the saw bum on Saturday morning! It’s nice to see what I can achieve with an iPhone app.

Some of the ones coming up start to introduce equipment, which will be fun. I’m a little nervous about trying to do the workout at the gym though, and wonder if I will look a little silly? It makes me glad for my Bluetooth earphones though. Using those, it means I can stash my phone and listen to instructions through the headphones.

The first training plan I’m doing is an intro plan and only has 10 sessions – 2 a week for 5 weeks. It’s a nice little feel for the app before I try anything more serious. The way it’s going at the moment it’s looking like it’s worth continuing!
We didn’t do any swimming this week, but will try to include a session next week. I’m hoping to keep up the mileage for the running too; it’s so nice to be able to get out there and not feel sore afterwards! Running is my favourite stress relief for sure!

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