If you play with my toes I will fall asleep


Last year when I first moved in with my housemates and C, we went through the period of figuring out who does what, the different roles we take on, and all the different mannerisms we each had.

I took on the cleaning role.

Sure, everyone did their bit around the house – washing dishes, their own laundry etc. But I was the one doing the dusting, vacuuming and the mopping, and C and I were both the most (and still are) active in making sure the outside is maintained. I didn’t mind, I just did it because it needed to be done. The only thing that bothered me was when people would tell me they would do it, and then didn’t. Particularly if they were making that promise out of their own feeling of guilt for not doing anything, since I never actually asked anyone to do anything.

One of my housemates went so far as to buy me a gift voucher to say thanks for doing so much. She said i needed to pamper myself, so she bought me a voucher for a pedicure. I had never had one at that point, so I didn’t know what to expect. As it turned out I actually got my first pedicure when we were on holidays in Thailand last year.

After 9 months, I finally used the voucher last night.

It was pure bliss.

I got the “Essential Pedicure” at Pure Indulgence at Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore. It started with a food scrub, then she filed my nails and gave me a foot massage.

I’m pretty sure that’s when I fell asleep.

I remember coming to a little bit later, and feeling like I had snored. Oops. She had painted my nails and put my flip flops back on, and had just sprayed some stuff on there. I slowly got up, and she gave me some samples of the creams she had used on my legs, because my skin was pretty darn nice!

And that was that! She said goodnight, and I was left to go home. It felt like a first date that I just didn’t want to end! Couldn’t she have played with my feet some more??

I might just get addicted to this.

Let me know your thoughts!