I’m ba-ack!

It’s been quite a busy year, and admittedly my blog hasn’t got much love. It wasn’t until a friend of mine decided to start a blog that it sparked my interest in my blog again, and I realised just how much I’ve been missing it. Once she’s got hers up and running and she’s given me the all clear to post a link to it on my blog I’ll be sure to share it all with you – she’s doing great already!

So, what’s been going on in Kelly’s world? Let’s sum it up:

The wedding planning:

  • I’m officially 3 weeks out from getting married, the major reason why I haven’t had much time spare this year. But wow that’s coming quickly; it feels like it wasn’t so long ago I was posting about our engagement story!
  • We are going to Japan for our honeymoon – bucket list item!! I really can’t wait, we’re watching so many documentaries and TV shows on Japan right now. Sushi anyone?

The health:

  • I’m also injured…again. This time my running has caused my hips to blow out, so I’m not running at the moment. I’m not even allowed to walk for exercise either! It a nutshell, I’m facing cycling (maybe) and swimming for fitness over the next period until I’ve recovered and can ease back into it. I’m not sure how cycling will go in case that still irritates the hips but I’ll give it a go.
  • I hit my 52 goal of dropping 10kg this year, which is AWESOME. I need to post some before and after picks to show the difference, but damn I’m proud. I’m only a few kilos away from my all time goal, so I just need to keep pushing!

The 52 list:

  • I’ve been able to tick off a few here and there, which are due posts
  • I’ve got 37 remaining – eek! Maybe I can get a few done over my holidays…..
  • I’ve got a few that may be out of my control for health reasons unfortunately

I’ve only got a couple more weeks left of work before I go on holidays for the wedding which is exciting. I expect it will be a crazy busy fortnight just trying to get everything off my plate so the staff are OK while I’m away, but then I have 4 days to myself before we get married on the Friday. I can’t wait to share information about the wedding with you – we’ve made so much stuff ourselves and with the assistance of our parents, I’m chomping at the bit to show everyone. I’ll do a proper update of how the planning has been going, but I’m afraid I’ll have to keep any pictures until after the wedding, otherwise there won’t be for any surprises for anyone!

So, how’s everyone else going? Did you miss me (or not)?

Let me know your thoughts!