October update of the 52 list

52 in 52 for 2016

Right now I should be working on wedding stuff (less than 2 weeks to go – eek!) but honestly, I’m a little over thinking about it. I’m super excited, but I truly can’t wait until the discussion on the weekend is “what do we feel like doing” as opposed to “what item on the to do list shall we tackle today?”. This morning we went and checked out the venue and finalised all the little minor details, so I’ve really only got a bit more admin’ish stuff to do, pick up my dress, and then we’re onto the final week beauty regime! As I write this the boy is out in the yard knocking up another cool piece of furniture for the wedding, I truly have been impressed by his talents.

But let’s talk about something else.

I’m overdue a check-in with my 52 list. I’m not as far along this list as I would like to be, understandable since every waking minute has been thinking about a wedding. But there’s still been some movement since my last update back in June, so without further ado:

Use a small plate for a month

This was actually really fun to do. I committed to it wholeheartedly, and even Mario and his family got into the spirit. It was quite funny sitting down for dinner and seeing all these large plates and the baby one, but it actually really worked. I found I got my appetite under control, and started to naturally eat less. As a result, I started to feel a lot better too. I wasn’t bloated. The effects have still carried on after the month ended, I haven’t actually gone back to a full plate unless we’re out and about. I loved this challenge! I also believe it led to…

Lose 10kg

I am so proud to sit here and say I did this one. I’m still on my journey so I’m not posting my before and after photos…yet. I’m so close to hitting my all-time “imagine if I got to that weight”, so when I get there, you can bet there’s going to be a celebratory post.

Here’s the charts from when I started to pull my finger out in April. The dots are my individual weigh-ins, the solid line is my trend chart. The huge spike at the end is from my hen’s weekend, filled with food and alcohol galore. I’ve snuck just above the 10kg mark right now (at the 9kg somewhere), but it will go again in a week or so. I’m still satisfied to see this one ticked as done, and I am excited to see where I go from here. It’s a nice feeling to be healthy again!



Attend a high tea

Courtesy of my amazing extended family (not only my sister and mother, but aunts and cousins and my sister’s partner) I was able to enjoy a high tea at Bacchus South Bank. Admittedly I was a bit of a zombie after the main event of the hen’s party the night before, but it was lovely nonetheless. I really appreciated everyone making the effort to come and join me, and it was a lot of fun.

There are still a lot more that are a work in progress, and some that I really need to start getting cracking on.

We just got our balcony redone at home to fix up some dry rot, which means that my hammock is begging for some use. Has anyone read a good book lately? Anything from Oprah’s book club list? Anything with a month in it’s name?

Have a read of the whole list here, and if there’s anything that anyone would love to join me on give me a yell. There’s going to be a few Mount Coolum climbs coming up!

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