I’m baaack!

Yes, it has been a long time since I blogged. No, it hasn't been intention. I still love you, blog, I swear! And moreso, I love all of my readers (do you actually exist??)

My life has pretty much consisted of the following lately:

  • Wake up
  • Exercise
  • Work
  • Come home
  • Cook dinner
  • Bed

Rinse, repeat, day in, day out…except in the cases where I have been sick, in which case ignore that whole bit about exercise. I've been hit with several bouts of the flu lately, the most recent one leaving me bed ridden for a couple of days; I even took 2 days off work – wow!

I plan on doing a lot more blogging lately, as there has been some recent life events that have really gotten me thinking. I'm also predicting a few more coming up soon, so I'll be sure to do the usual and work my way through them by writing down everything that passes through my brain. It's the only way I know how to work through my emotion.

Tomorrow I have a full day work conference to plan for the next quarter, so indulged in a new bluetooth keyboard for my ipad, since I fully expect to be doing a lot of typing tomorrow. I just couldn't think of facing another full day of typing using on the screen keyboard, it's great for short periods of use but not a full day of emailing and not taking. Thus, my new keyboard of choice, a Logitech K810:

I'll be sure to post my thoughts of it after it gets smashed tomorrow with an all day conference. So far the thoughts are all good, and I'm loving how it feels to type on.

So folks, I look forward to spamming you with lots of posts soon! Adios!


Let me know your thoughts!