A long weekend of rain and movies

This weekend we have been lucky enough to have a long weekend, courtesy of celebrating the Queen's birthday (although her real one is in April, the commonwealth celebrates it in June…go figure). This has meant 3 days of pure bliss and relaxation.

Friday night I went out to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday, followed by a catch up with some ladies at my favourite new venue on the coast, the Piano Bar. Seriously, how cool is this for the inside:

(Link: www.facebook.com/ThePianoBarMaroochydore)

Saturday I spent doing a combo of shopping (groceries, boring) and chilling out at home. I finally finished watching the movie 2012 (if you're thinking about watching it, don't), and also Run, Fatboy Run (if you're thinking about watching it, do).

Sunday was very similar, spent with a tad bit more shopping in the morning, running into some friends at the shops, and back home. Headed out later that afternoon for a road trip and a movie, and back home for an early night to bed.

Today I was meant to get up early for training, but with the weather being this disgusting I ended up piking. I had a sleep in, and back to the movies again with friends, this time to see Iron Man 3 (awesome). Now I find myself at 5.15pm in pyjamas already while watching TV.

After a trip to the movies a hot chocolate was in order

I'm almost tired from the lack of exerting myself! Is it bad that I'm already keen to get stuck into some work again?

Next weekend I have a trip to Noosa organised for a girls weekend. Can't wait!


Let me know your thoughts!