Week 4 diet measurement results

Last post I was talking about how it was the beginning of the milestone week for my diet, which meant re-taking measurements to see how much I have changed. The best part about taking measurements is that while the scales show some sort of drop, it's not until you can say “I have lost x amount of centimetres from around my hips” that you truly feel the difference.

It's empowering.

It makes you want to keep going.

So how did I fare? I am freaking stoked with the results.

First up, my weight.

This was done on Wednesday and its now Saturday. From jumping on the scales again since (yeah yeah I know I shouldn't) I've actually dropped another half kilo since. Woohoo! Although that may have changed since yesterday, because I did consume several alcoholic beverages last night (and it was GREAT).

Next, my measurements

Seriously, 15cm smaller around my waist and 12cm from around my hips. That is just sheer awesomeness.

Finally, my running (in how long I can run continuously):

I love, love, love running. Grabbing my dog in the morning and going for a run is full of wins for me. It burns calories, I feel proud of myself and confident (truly, I notice a change in my attitude when I'm not exercising), and I love just how much my dog enjoys it. We have a particular point where she is allowed off the lead to run with me, and she blasts pasts me, stops to sniff the latest thing to capture her attention, waits for me to just get in front of her and then blasts past again. Occasionally she will look back with this look of pure bliss and happiness. So knowing all of that, and with my dog's face in my mind, why wouldn't I want to get out of bed for a run?

I have only been back into the running for a few weeks after my knee playing up again and my having to take a break from exercise. The first few weeks were shocking, I felt like I could barely run at all. But having nearly doubled my time in only a few weeks is great. Give me a few more months and I will be back into all the events I usually join in on.

So reviewing all the above, it's all positive. The next few weeks are going to be really tough, as I have a girls weekend this weekend, and a few parties organised. I will just have to do my best, stick to my diet during the week (and as much of the weekend as I can) and try not to splurge too much.

Here's to the next 4 weeks!


Let me know your thoughts!