12wbt: the fourth week begins

Yesterday marked the official beginning of the 4th week of 12WBT (Michelle Bridge's 12 Week Body Transformation), while simultaneously being the second “milestone” week. Basically it means that on weigh in day this week (Wednesdays) you have to take some measurements to really see exactly how well you are faring.

I'm expecting a pleasing result.

The way the weeks work can be a little confusing, since my first “milestone” week and official weigh in day was in week 1. To compare that to this week, it really only means there has been 3 weeks since my last weigh in.

My last week's weigh in saw me at an even 3kg loss, a total of 3.8% weight loss in 2 weeks. I'm pretty stoked with that. I have noticed a huge change in my stomach, and yesterday I received a comment that my butt is noticeably smaller too. My clothes are fitting a lot better.

Fitness wise I'm on the comeback. I am doing my personal training sessions again while also running, and I'm noticing I can push further or harder now. Annoyingly my knee puffed up after my morning session yesterday, so I will be very much focusing on some new rehab exercises again. I suspect it just doesn't like the instability of running on grass much, which was a lot of today's session. I have also booked in for an overdue Chiro visit too.

Most importantly, I am feeling fantastic. I am making myself get to bed at a decent hour so I get plenty of sleep, and getting up for training early in the morning is becoming much easier again. This past weekend I actually went out for a few drinks (or ten), and despite going to bed at 1am my body woke itself up just aft 6am. No, body, I was not up for going for a run.

Today unfortunately I don't have time to go for a run. I have some super urgent software testing to be done, before I go back into work and feel overwhelmed again with the sheer amount of work waiting on me. I have warned my boss I'm starting to feel like I'm sinking a little bit. We will see how he goes with trying to help relieve the pressure, even if I can palm off some customer emails that would be great.

But if my only stress in life is work related stress, and not health or body image, then I'm still a very happy girl.

Let me know your thoughts!