Weekend recap

I’ve blinked and we’re already at Monday morning! This Monday is a bit special though, it’s my last week of work until May! Yep, maternity leave kicks off at the end of this week. I’m planning on having an alcohol-free wine with the mister outside Friday night just to toast the transition. I can’t believe it’s … Read more

52 in 52: Weekly round up week 4

52 things in 52 weeks

52 things in 52 weeks

Holy moses, the first month of the year is nearly over! It feels like 2015 only got underway, yet I’ve blinked and so much time has passed! Still, 11 wonderful and challenging months lay ahead, and I’m looking forward to it.

Newly completed

None for this week, but that’s not surprising since I wasn’t expecting anything.

I went for a run on the treadmill at the gym, and my watch showed that I ran 5km in under 30mins, 29mins in fact. That is one of my 52 in 52s, however to put it bluntly, I consider distance on the treadmill to be BS. Thus I’m not considering it to be done. It will be done when I’m running outside, and my watch with GPS functionality switched on confirms it was indeed 5 km. In the meantime, I’ll just focus on running for 30mins odd straight on the treadmill (I’d prefer to run outside, but sometimes weather dictates the inside run).

Newly underway

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52 in 52: Watch all of the James Bond movies

“52 in 52″ is a list of things that I would like to complete throughout 2014. Click here to the whole list.


I’m a huge fan of action movies, and anything that involves espionage and spying. Needless to say James Bond was right up my alley, and I’ve loved watching them since I was a kid (although I had some hatred for Pierce Brosnan that I can’t explain).

Finally this year, I thought it would be fun to watch all of them in the space of a year. Side note – I had planned on watching them in the correct order, but being on a plane and not remembering the order meant that I accidentally watched a couple of them in the wrong order.

As I have been watching them, it’s quite fun to read up on IMDB about the movies and find out some trivia. For example, Live and Let Die has love scenes with a black woman, which were stripped in South Africa due to the government at the time. Reading trivia on movies is a love of mine, although I’m sure it gets annoying for the people around me when I interrupt the movie with a “did you know…”.

Below is a running list of all the movies, and my status on where I’m up to (in the format of Title – Year). Some I have seen before (basically all of them from 1995 onwards) some I will have never seen before. Either way, I can’t wait to see all of them during 2014.


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A long weekend of rain and movies

This weekend we have been lucky enough to have a long weekend, courtesy of celebrating the Queen's birthday (although her real one is in April, the commonwealth celebrates it in June…go figure). This has meant 3 days of pure bliss and relaxation. Friday night I went out to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday, followed … Read more