52 in 52: Weekly round up week 4

52 things in 52 weeks

Holy moses, the first month of the year is nearly over! It feels like 2015 only got underway, yet I’ve blinked and so much time has passed! Still, 11 wonderful and challenging months lay ahead, and I’m looking forward to it.

Newly completed

None for this week, but that’s not surprising since I wasn’t expecting anything.

I went for a run on the treadmill at the gym, and my watch showed that I ran 5km in under 30mins, 29mins in fact. That is one of my 52 in 52s, however to put it bluntly, I consider distance on the treadmill to be BS. Thus I’m not considering it to be done. It will be done when I’m running outside, and my watch with GPS functionality switched on confirms it was indeed 5 km. In the meantime, I’ll just focus on running for 30mins odd straight on the treadmill (I’d prefer to run outside, but sometimes weather dictates the inside run).

Newly underway

  • Date night once a month

During the week I had a look at my monthly tasks that will be ongoing throughout the course of the year, and realised that we had Date Night listed. Thank god for my weekly recaps and reviews of the list, otherwise we may have missed this one!

Our first date night, a spontaneous Friday night, we spent at the movies and saw American Sniper. I really enjoyed it, but with the controversy now surrounding it I want to read the book that Chris Kyle wrote, the American Sniper himself. People are saying his PTSD was a lot worse than the movie made out, and that he’s been glorified. Movies will never be 100% accurate, but it’s certainly gotten my interest. For anyone that wants to see a good movie I’d recommend it (although warning – the violence can be quite confronting).

We’ve already booked our date night for March – we’re going to the amazing Spirit House restaurant on the Sunshine Coast. I’ve been there before, but they get so busy that it’s now become ridiculously hard to book. Oh goodness, I hope I’m back to eating a full menu by then and not still sticking mostly to foods on the Autoimmune protocol!

Aim to complete this week

  • Get a massage

I’ve already booked myself in for a 90min remedial massage this coming Saturday, which I can’t wait for. I’ll have to make sure I’ve done a huge workout at the gym on Friday to make sure it’s completely worth it! This one I’ve been able to afford thanks to my amazing aunty, uncle & cousins who chipped in to get me a voucher for my birthday last year, so thank you so much to them! I really can’t wait!

I did also think I’d be finishing the autoimmune protocol diet this week and starting with the food reintroductions but realised it would have only been for 4 weeks, aka 28 days. My goal was 30 days, so this one won’t be finished until next week. What’s another 2 days really? Next Tuesday I’ll be starting with egg, which I am ridiculously excited about having bacon & eggs for breakfast!

  • Monthly debt target

This week I really need to figure out my overall debt amount (I have a fair idea), then figure out what amounts I need to be paying each month to get out of debt by the end of the year. Then I need to determine if that’s a realistic amount, choose something I feel I’ll be able to achieve, and set that goal for each month. This month I’ve been doing pretty good with my budget though, so I’m hoping I’ve been able to achieve what the monthly target will be for January.

Not knowing a thing about finances though, this is really doing my head in. Does anyone know of any good books or resources that can teach me?

  • Photograph a sunrise

I have to photograph a sunrise once a month for the year, and there’s only a few days left this month. Tomorrow morning it is! Let’s just hope it’s not overcast and rainy like it was this morning, otherwise it may be a pretty dull picture to start the year.

Busy week ahead it seems!

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