Why I chose to spread my cold and flu germs around

For the past week I have been pretty crook. I've had to take an afternoon off work, came home and just slept. Then I woke up, tried and failed at eating, and slept some more.

I've slept some insane amount of hours.

I have also been back at work, working my bum off. I have also been to social events with friends, birthday dinners and catching up with friends visiting for the weekend.

I chose to do all of this, despite being sick. I chose to spread my germs, even though I was covering my mouth when coughing, washing my hands and generally trying to keep to good hygiene. It wasn't until I saw the doctor (I had begun coughing up bright green mucus and was worried) that I realised the entire time I should have been staying home.

“You are contagious. You need to rest. You need to stay home” he said.

Suddenly it clicked. I knew I didn't wish this cold and flu on anyone, and yet here I was spreading it around for all to share.

It's because I have this belief that I shouldn't let anything stop me. That I need to “harden up” and get on with it. I should still be training, and working, and socialising.

No. I should actually be letting my body rest. I should be caring enough that I don't share it with anyone else. I should accept that I'm not well.

Why did it take me so long to learn this?

Let me know your thoughts!