Just when I thought I was better…

Seriously, I am so over being sick! Just when I thought it was all gone and it was just a bit of a cough remaining, I go and get worse. My nose is now running like mad, and for the last 10mins I have had my head over a steaming hot bowl of vicks and hot water, breathing in through my nose and getting all teary (not because of my nose, but because I stupidly opened my eyes).

It feels like the last month has just been about getting sick, getting better, then getting sick again. I'm lucky that I lost weight earlier in my 12wbt challenge because I'm up to week 8 or 9 now, and I haven't been able to lose weight for the last 4 weeks because not being able to breathe properly meant I was not up for exercising! I weighed in the other day and I'm still at the same weight, which I guess is a good thing because when I'm sick I'm also a sook, and give in to bad food quite easily.

Over the weekend it probably didn't help that I was in a part of the country that is a bit more unnaturally colder than my own home area, but I had rugged up so it shouldn't have mattered. I also didn't get much sleep over the weekend, which also isn't the greatest (the lack of sleep was unintentional and due to a mild emergency) but c'mon body! Harden up!

I hope everyone else is having better luck with their health. I know I have many things to be grateful for and there are bazillions of people worse off than me, and having a cold is probably a first world problem, but meh. I'm a sook.

Hopefully next post will be full of more exciting news.

Let me know your thoughts!