Just a vent about myself

I haven’t been sleeping well this week. Each day I’m waking up feeling groggy, and lacking energy. Normally I wake up at 5.30ish and climb out of bed ready to work out. This week it’s been a drag to get out of bed. Today I didn’t get out of bed until 7.30, highly unusual for me. 

I can tell I’ve been struggling by reviewing my training journal. In order to make my move goals each day I’m having to do a workout at night, either a walk or a run. My runs at night don’t go well. I don’t know if it’s because I’m used to running in the morning on an empty stomach, but at night (pre-dinner) I get a stitch. They hurt like hell too! I’ve tried running through them, or taking a walk and then running again. But nope, I can’t get past them.

Last night was no different, I lasted 20mins on the treadmill before I was so annoyed and frustrated I gave up. I went and said a quick hello to Mario working out in the free weights, then went to the floor area figuring I would do some body weight stuff. I then spent the next 10mins trawling through my phone trying to put together some sort of list of exercises.

Side note – if you know a great phone app for keeping track of weights and exercises at the gym, please share.

Long story short, the gym was a disaster. And this morning I woke up after another solid 8 hour sleep still feeling groggy.

I’m struggling to get my sugar addition under control again, and have succumbed a few times this week. I don’t know if it’s that,  but now part of me wonders if it’s actually related to the exercise a night. Maybe both?

Either way, I’m a grumpy cow this week, and I want to get back to feeling good.

Vent over. 

  • Marilyn Grogan

    Have you checked your iron levels or your thyroid functioning? These can be causes for tiredness and lack of energy.

    • Kel

      That’s a good point actually – it might be my iron levels. Mario just had a blood test and his was low, which wouldn’t surprise me if mine was too. Might start focusing on my intake for that!

  • Maybe it’s the heat? You may not be getting a restful sleep

    • That’s what a couple of people have suggested today – seems there’s a few of us in the office that are having problems sleeping at the moment. So glad that our new place has air con when we move in 🙂

    • Yep makes it easier. When do you move your in?

    • Not until mid-feb I’d say, we’ve got some work we need to do internally before we move

  • Since starting exercising in the evening (5 – 630pm) I’m finding it impossible to sleep before midnight. I am a morning person, so this really sux. Definitely changing my workout times when I can. :-/

    • Aha, so maybe my theory of when I exercise isn’t so far off?? I’ve given myself a rest day today (pissed about breaking my streak) but I wanted to see how I went with sleeping without exercise tonight. Probably doesn’t help that I just had the worlds largest pasta…

    • I only train evenings 3 days a week, but it has affected my sleep pattern ALL WEEK. It is seriously killing me, I thought I was sick because I had no energy in the mornings (when I’m usually the most functional) but I reckon it’s the late training sessions. I’ve completely cut caffeine and my sugar is waaay down, so that’s my only theory.

    • Hmm interesting! Keep me posted on how you go. I’ll force myself to train only mornings for the next week and report in

    • I have been up since 5am after 4hrs sleep and I am still buzzing. Argh! Never thought too much energy would be bad!

      Sounds good: lemme know how you go. I might have to just stop evening training too.

    • Go figure, woke up at 5am feeling great today. I did have a UDL yesterday afternoon with a friend which counts for sugar, but no night training

  • Haha it’s cos u had the UDL with me that u slept well lol

  • I find training at night makes it difficult to wind down and go to sleep also…..plus screen usage before bed can heighten your brain activity making hard to get the kip you need.