Just a vent about myself

I haven’t been sleeping well this week. Each day I’m waking up feeling groggy, and lacking energy. Normally I wake up at 5.30ish and climb out of bed ready to work out. This week it’s been a drag to get out of bed. Today I didn’t get out of bed until 7.30, highly unusual for me. 

I can tell I’ve been struggling by reviewing my training journal. In order to make my move goals each day I’m having to do a workout at night, either a walk or a run. My runs at night don’t go well. I don’t know if it’s because I’m used to running in the morning on an empty stomach, but at night (pre-dinner) I get a stitch. They hurt like hell too! I’ve tried running through them, or taking a walk and then running again. But nope, I can’t get past them.

Last night was no different, I lasted 20mins on the treadmill before I was so annoyed and frustrated I gave up. I went and said a quick hello to Mario working out in the free weights, then went to the floor area figuring I would do some body weight stuff. I then spent the next 10mins trawling through my phone trying to put together some sort of list of exercises.

Side note – if you know a great phone app for keeping track of weights and exercises at the gym, please share.

Long story short, the gym was a disaster. And this morning I woke up after another solid 8 hour sleep still feeling groggy.

I’m struggling to get my sugar addition under control again, and have succumbed a few times this week. I don’t know if it’s that,  but now part of me wonders if it’s actually related to the exercise a night. Maybe both?

Either way, I’m a grumpy cow this week, and I want to get back to feeling good.

Vent over. 

14 thoughts on “Just a vent about myself”

    • That’s a good point actually – it might be my iron levels. Mario just had a blood test and his was low, which wouldn’t surprise me if mine was too. Might start focusing on my intake for that!

  1. Since starting exercising in the evening (5 – 630pm) I’m finding it impossible to sleep before midnight. I am a morning person, so this really sux. Definitely changing my workout times when I can. :-/

    • Aha, so maybe my theory of when I exercise isn’t so far off?? I’ve given myself a rest day today (pissed about breaking my streak) but I wanted to see how I went with sleeping without exercise tonight. Probably doesn’t help that I just had the worlds largest pasta…

    • I only train evenings 3 days a week, but it has affected my sleep pattern ALL WEEK. It is seriously killing me, I thought I was sick because I had no energy in the mornings (when I’m usually the most functional) but I reckon it’s the late training sessions. I’ve completely cut caffeine and my sugar is waaay down, so that’s my only theory.

    • I have been up since 5am after 4hrs sleep and I am still buzzing. Argh! Never thought too much energy would be bad!

      Sounds good: lemme know how you go. I might have to just stop evening training too.


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