And then she sees the world…(52 in 52: get my eyes retested)

In the last few months I’d noticed my eyes starting to feel pretty fatigued by the end of he day. I was already wearing glasses at work, but it got to the point where even using my phone at the couch at night started to hurt.

The thing is, I’m great at procrastination. Hence I thought “this sounds like a great 52 list item”, added a retest to the list, and carried on in my eye-fatiguing way. Then the new year ticked over, and the headaches began. I had run out of excuses.

I went and got checked out last week, and sure enough my eyes had gotten worse. The optometrist agreed that my eyes were fatigued, and that I should look at wearing glasses for most of the day. We ordered a new pair (complete with cool UV lens stuff) and away I went. Thankfully the wait wasn’t too long, and they arrived today.

My god, the difference. I tried them on the store and it was instant sharpness. Everything was in focus, it was amazing! The rest of the day I’ve been testing them out taking them places to see what things look like. We went to the gym tonight, and I made the other half drive the long way home so I could see the glasses in action at night.

To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement.

As for the gym, that was a terrible session. Another stitch while trying to run at night. Long story short, I’m a sooky grumpy mess and I’m putting myself to bed. Hopefully I’ll have a good sleep, then another day of seeing things in focus.

You can’t stay grumpy for too long when there’s a beautiful world around you right?

Let me know your thoughts!