Photos from the week ending 1st February

Sunday 26th January

Ah, Australia Day. The day of the bogan. You can see my thoughts about Australia Day here. I had a great day though, listening to the Hottest 100 (wahoo Vance Joy taking it out with Riptide) and having some drinks. I was classy as usual, busting out the drinking glasses with Bel and drinking some Belgria (Bel's sangria) through straw wrapping around my eyeballs. It was a bit strange, it was quite cold! We also busted out the board games in that we played Bunnings Monopoly and Jenga, and had loads of fun. Great day!

Monday 27th January

In another example of why he's simply awesome, Mario left me this message scribed on his bathroom shower. He's so lovely, and gives me the warm fuzzies 🙂

Tuesday 28th January

Tonight we spent the evening in front of the TV watching some movies, and it was sheer bliss. After a non-stop long weekend (courtesy of the Australia Day public holiday) and a long return day at work it was nice to just unwind on the couch.

Wednesday 29th January

On this evening we had gone out for dinner to wish my friends goodbye before they relocated down to Sydney. I'm sad to see them go, and will miss them. We decided while at dinner to take the “What is it Wednesday” photo, which was very quickly guessed to be a prawn cracker on Facebook and Twitter. I thought it would have taken a bit longer than that!

Thursday 30th January

This whole photo is based around my discontent at work at there being no forks to be found anywhere. It meant that I had to eat my lunch, a quiche and salad, with a spoon. Thus a vent on facebook with this photo was in order.

Friday 31st January

Well, shit. This morning after a good swim at the pool in the lead up to my first ever triathlon, I stopped in at a local cafe to pick up my favourite avocado on toast and a coffee. I picked it up, drove into work, got out of the car and promptly dropped my coffee on the basement floor. If I have ever pulled a face that looked like someone just stole all the baby's candy, that was that moment. I was gutted. Then thought “photo of the day moment”.

Saturday 1st February

The nerves were kicking in! It was the day before my first ever triathlon, I had racked in my bike and laid out my gear. I had bought some brand new rainbow laces for my shoes that were spring ones, so that when it came to transition I wouldn't have to spend time tying up my laces. The whole registration and bike racking process was pretty cool, it was then that I finally started to feel like this was actually real. I had a timing chip, my number bib, and an official swimming cap.

My heart was racing.

Let me know your thoughts!