Photos from the week ending 25th January

Sunday 19th January

Mario's first time ever at the Big Day Out! He's actually never been to any music concert or festival ever, except for that one time on the Sunshine Coast that he saw something something near Noosa. I think. It was the something Cartel, every time he says their name I just think of the mafia. If he told me he saw the mafia jamming one day that would be cool!

We had a great day, and saw acts like Grouplove, Bliss n Eso, Pez, Kingswood (for a split second), many others, and also the great Pearl Jam. Vitalogy was my first ever CD that I bought for myself and I still love it to this day. It was a dream to finally see them. My only regret was that i had to leave early because we had to drive 2 hours back to the Sunshine Coast to get ready for work the next day, and we're sensible kids. As you can see in the photo above we're already buggered, and this was about 40mins before we left. True to form, I was super unlucky in that it meant I missed hearing Pearl Jam sing “Alive”, one of my favourite songs. Gutted. But overall a good day, and Mario even enjoyed some of the music he heard!

Monday 20th January

I had a huge day at work today. I finally melted down in the amount of work that I've been trying to cope with lately, in the sense that for the last 4 months or so I've been trying to do the amount of work equivalent to two full time jobs. And the boss wonders why the other projects I'm doing on top of that weren't getting done.

I stayed until just shy of 11pm to try and catch up some things, and we organised a meeting to discuss the department and some changes that need to take place.

Tuesday 21st January

No notable photos from this day other than a blurry shot from inside my car. It might even resemble my mind for that day – it was another crazy full on day when all I wanted to do was collapse and sleep. I managed to strain my shoulder as well, which meant I spent the evening nursing it. At one point I was nearly in tears trying to get my shirt off!

Wednesday 22nd January

Today I ended up getting a shocker of a headache at work, a full blown migraine in fact. I was in a meeting in the morning discussing some stuff that had happened at work that week, and by the time I left the boardroom at midday I had a cracker of a headache. It may well have been from the strain I did to my shoulder the previous day, as it was pulling on my neck quite a bit.

I spent the afternoon at home in the darkness with a cold compress on my head trying to avoid throwing up, then at night went to Mario's house so he could look after me. The light hurt but I needed to shower, so he ended up lighting a series of candles around the bathroom so that I could shower in dull light. He's such a sweetie, and worth his weight in gold.

Thursday 23rd January

I bought Mario's Valentine's Day present today, which I have since ended up giving to him early. I was far too excited about it and wanted him to enjoy it.

I posted this photo on Facebook as the first in a series of hints to help him guess what it was. I had bought him a GoPro, and the aim was to spell out the words using photos. For example, the above photo was green as in the G for Go Pro.

I loved the guesses on facebook though, from a theory that I'd bought him a boat and this was a cushion from the driver's seat, to an outdoor set.

Friday 24th January

Boy I love my A-league, and tonight's game was a ripper. My beloved Brisbane Roar ended up winning 2-1, after an absolute stunner of a strike from Luke Brattan from our near the halfway line. It tore through all of the players, and the keeper never had a chance. We had great seats, sitting directly behind the opposition, Wellington Phoenix.

Saturday 25th January

While wandering around the factory outlets I saw these phone cases. They are so cool, but I know I don't take too well to bulky cases. Love them though! I ended up buying a pair of shorts, and two tops for $60. Not bad given the labels, so I'll consider it a win.

Let me know your thoughts!