Summer time Salads and Cold Sores

It's the second day of summer, and this afternoon I picked this crop out of the garden. We have fourteen cherry tomato plants in the veggie patch (holy moses I thought there were three but Mario just corrected me), and they're starting to pick up the rate of produce. I really enjoy picking cherry tomatoes for some reason, and if last year is anything to go by, I may be picking a large bowl full every single morning. Last year we had so many we started giving them away!

The lettuce has started going a bit crazy as well, and over the weekend Mario picked four heads. I washed and dried them in the kitchen, packed them into their respective portions and put them into the fridge. We have a little bit of a system going! Mario also pointed out this morning the radish is ready for picking.

All of this just screams “salad” to me.

I'm looking forward to a healthy summer ahead of training, eating fresh produce from the garden, and hopefully losing some more weight.

To explain the title of the blog post, last night I scored a whopper of a cold sore on my top lip. I get cold sores from time to time, but only smaller ones to the left side of my top lip. This thing is just off-centre on the right, and looks like I've had cosmetic injections on my top lip gone wrong. My lip is HUGE! The guys at work tried to pretend they didn't notice it, but then we spent the lunch break making faces at each other emphasising our top lips 🙂 While it's hideous, if I don't make fun of it I'm only going to get self conscious about it, and that will bring me down.

I really hate cold sores though.

Maybe like the names for tornadoes and cyclones, I should start naming my cold sores? It will be some years until I get to z, since I thankfully only get a couple per year. I will have to try and find the most awful names for them.

The hereby award the current cold sore the name of Albert the Awful.

Piss off Albert.

Let me know your thoughts!