Taking stock of 2020

It’s nearly midnight, and I should be in bed but I just finished completing my 10,000 steps for the night after working late. Whoops. Self inflicted of course. The 10,000 steps thing is a streak that I’m on (37 days now!) and this month I’m raising money for Breast Cancer for it (click here if you want to donate).

While I was finishing my steps for the evening I was reading a blog post on Handbag Mafia. The post was about taking stock of things mid-2020, and I thought that was a great idea! At the moment my posts are so sporadic and there’s so much to tell that at least this way it’ll be easier to recap!

I’ve only kept some of the questions though, some of them I didn’t have good answers for.

Taking stock: the year so far

Making: a ton of craft stuff lately! Since I bought the cricut machine I’ve been super busy making mugs for friends at work and sewing masks (like almost everyone else in the world)

Reading: Nothing at the moment. Time constraints meant that I’ve been using audiobooks recently (I’ve got so much else on that I haven’t been making time to sit and read). But at the moment podcasts are dominating the airwaves, so even the audiobooks have taken a back shelf.

Wanting: A new bookshelf for the study at home. We decided to sell the furniture in our spare bedroom and turn it into a mancave/study for my husband, which means I have a study to myself. I plan on spreading out all my craft stuff and truly setting up this room properly, and can’t wait to share the pics when it’s done.

Playing: If I get time to play a game on my phone, its kinda alternating between Best Fiends and Harry Potter – both of them are along the lines of the matching-gems style games.

Wasting: valuable sleep time (probably what I should be doing right now)

Sewing: Masks, like the rest of the world. Hello covid-19. I’ve been following a pattern online from the cricut maker to make masks for friends in Melbourne. Their state has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic, and their daughter has been working her way to overcome a horrific disease, so their safety is paramount. They’re isolating, and right now fabric and PPE is becoming hard to come by. So….every little bit I can do to help. Now if only I could find more hours in a day to get them finished and posted (in my defence this blog post has taken 5mins so far).

Wishing: I had more time in a day, and didn’t have to forsake sleep so I could get things done. Getting about 1hr a night after my son goes to sleep sucks a bit.

Waiting: for the weekend – we’ve got some fun stuff planned!

Liking: That I have friends that are crazy like me. They’re in the US, so our time zones aren’t the same and sometimes it can mean waking up to some, er, interesting surprises. This week I discovered I was on a team of 10 entering into a virtual running race around the world. Because #crazy.

Wearing: a hoody, jeans, and the best fleece lined socks ever.

Bookmarking: a ton of craft websites of all the things I want to make with my non-existent time.

Watching: I’m starting to compile a list of shows that I need to watch – on the list right now:

  • I’ll be Gone in the Dark
  • Umbrella something-something on netflix
  • The Morning Show
  • Mystify (about Michael Hutchence)
  • Loudest voice

How are you all doing for 2020?

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  1. I totally want to steal this “taking stock” idea for blog posts. So much fun! Also, I’m 100% addicted to Best Fiends and I almost wish I’d never discovered it. That’s awesome you are using a Cricut–I bought one and then returned it before I even opened the box. I was way too intimidated, haha!


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