Sock sock shoe shoe, or sock shoe sock shoe?

A while ago, a friend and I were having a chat. She asked me how I put on my shoes and socks – specifically in what order. Thinking I was just doing something logical that everyone does, I replied:

Sock – shoe – sock – shoe

She agreed with me, but then pointed out that apparently we’re quite unusual. It appears most people put socks on first, and then shoes.

I googled it, and found that yep – we’re the odd ones. But isn’t it logical to do it our way? Why put your sock down if you’re just going to get it dirty on the floor? If you’ve already got that foot propped up putting on a sock, isn’t it more efficient to put the shoe on straight away as well?

Apparently not.

In my trawling of the internet to try and find something that proves me to be correct I ended up finding this:

This sounds like the exact debate I had with Mario when I raised it with him. For the record, he’s a sock shoe sock shoe person.

And then I found this:

Sock, Shoe, Sock, Shoe

So I guess I’m completely outnumbered here. But I say a loud “meh” to all you sheep that do it the supposed right way! I’m going to be a nonconformist and stick it to the man!

It did make me rethink the entire process of getting ready.

  • Bra and undies before top and bottoms? Or bra top undies bottoms. Or undies bottoms bra top? Obviously for guys omit the bra, unless, you know, cross dressing.
  • Wash face, brush teeth, moisturiser? Or wash face, moisturiser, brush teeth? Or brush teeth, wash face moisturiser.

I’m beginning to rethink everything! What else is there that I could be doing wrong?

How do you put on your socks? Or your clothes? Or wash your face? Are you as strange as I am?


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