First 52 down – mole biopsy

I’m still very much trying to get into the swing of being back at work after what felt like quite a long holiday over the Christmas break. I’ve been back now for a week, but man it’s hard! I’m starting to get back on track with projects and get back into the swing of things, but I can’t help but wonder when my next holiday will be. I will definitely have to plan something in before the honeymoon.

I’m happy to report that I’ve already managed to check off one of my 52’s, which is great. I finally went back and got my mole scrape/biopsy done!

For anyone based on the Sunshine Coast, I highly recommend Skin Surveillance at Kawana. I saw Dr Donal Kerrin, and he was fantastic! He quickly checked the moles that the doctor I saw previously had highlighted (Dr Donal must have been away on holidays at the time), and I was moved over to the surgical room. A few locals injected into my back and my arm later, all I could feel was him slightly fiddling on my back (no pain whatsoever). The whole thing was over and done with in minutes.

The unfortunate part is that I couldn’t get the areas wet for 48 hours; which meant I’ve had to do the good ol’ sponge bath to keep clean. Most importantly, it also meant that I haven’t been able to go for a run, putting me behind in my schedule to run 100km for January. I’ve tried to use the 2 days as an opportunity for a rest break instead, so my possible shin splints will definitely have had time mend before the next time I go for a run.

My results are scheduled to come in some time tomorrow (Wednesday), and they’ve asked me to phone in on Thursday. Fingers crossed there’s nothing wrong and I can continue on my merry way.

Just a reminder though to everyone reading this blog – go and get a skin check and avoid skin cancer!! And don’t forget the 5 ways to protect yourself:


5 ways to protect yourself from skin cancer


Let me know your thoughts!