Soundwave 2013

Sorry folks, been a little bit busy lately and haven't really made time to blog! The most recent reason for being busy was spending all day Saturday volunteering at a music festival, Soundwave. And I will be doing it all over again at Future Music festival this coming weekend, phew!

One of the things I love most about volunteering at these festivals is the opportunity to wind up in the most amazing places! A friend and I went down to help out at the front of the main stage handing out water to the crowd, and ended up staying there for most of the day. I think I sat down for about 20mins all day tops, and my legs sure felt it the next day. It's Monday morning now, and they're still sore (didn't stop me from going to training this morning though).

Being at the front of the stage meant that I got to see Metallica, Linkin Park and a few other bands from an angle that not many people on this planet can say they have experienced, I mean, look at the view!

The heat coming off the crowd was blistering hot, and we were run off our feet handing out drinks. The security guards were fantastic, as during previous times being at the front I've experienced guys who were just plain arrogant. These guys knew our purpose, knew we were there to help, and we all worked together as one big team. They protected us too, ensuring we didn't get caught in the crowd, or knocked over by the people getting carried by the audience to the front. At the end of the night we all said thanks to each other for a job well done.

One of the most memorable parts was getting hustled under the stage by security and being asked not to come out until they gave us the all clear. The reason? Fireworks and flame throwers going off directly above our heads, literally centimetres away. Wowsers!

And my favourite: the balls bouncing amongst the crowd at the very end. Metallica sure put on an amazing show, and sounded incredible. Huge highlight for me given that I am starting to accumulate my fair share of concert/festival experiences.

I'm so blessed to have met people that allow me to experience these amazing things in life.

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