52: Blog 100 memories ( 11 to 15 – music)

52 in 52 - memories

11 – First concert (year unknown)

When I was younger, at one point I was hanging out with a church group. In all fairness it was because I wanted to join in all their cool social activities – water fights, bowling etc, and most certainly not because I was interested in learning about God. The actual church and religious stuff I thought was nonsense (to my mother’s relief).

One night they had a concert that I attended. I remember nothing of the music, although I must have thought it was decent. Actually, I think they may have been a rock style Christian band.  [...]  read more

Gympie Muster 2013

The weekend before last, I was lucky enough to attend the Gympie Music Muster for 2013, with my good friend Bel. Bel is a radio announcer extraordinaire, and her station was one of the major sponsors of the event. They had a competition on the radio, and we joined the winners on a bus down to the event…drinking several of these:

I wasn't drinking the Bundaberg Rum (not a rum drinker) but was indulging in some vodka, lime & soda UDL's.

We stopped for lunch at the Cooroy Pub (delicious but filling chicken panini), and eventually arrived at about 3pm'ish (mid afternoon some time). We made our way in, and after making a detour to get the coolest rings ever at one of the stalls, set ourselves up at the Blues & Roots bar. [...]  read more

Get my muster on

Today I'm going to the Gympie Muster, a country music festival held in a location where we joke the people have two heads.

I got a free ticket thanks to a good friend who works at a radio station. I have never been to the muster before, so I'm excited about the unexpected (I've heard the people watching is great; new website “the people of the muster” maybe).

Tomorrow I will be sure to post some hilarious pictures! Stay tuned!

Soundwave 2013

Sorry folks, been a little bit busy lately and haven't really made time to blog! The most recent reason for being busy was spending all day Saturday volunteering at a music festival, Soundwave. And I will be doing it all over again at Future Music festival this coming weekend, phew!

One of the things I love most about volunteering at these festivals is the opportunity to wind up in the most amazing places! A friend and I went down to help out at the front of the main stage handing out water to the crowd, and ended up staying there for most of the day. I think I sat down for about 20mins all day tops, and my legs sure felt it the next day. It's Monday morning now, and they're still sore (didn't stop me from going to training this morning though). [...]  read more