Gympie Muster 2013

The weekend before last, I was lucky enough to attend the Gympie Music Muster for 2013, with my good friend Bel. Bel is a radio announcer extraordinaire, and her station was one of the major sponsors of the event. They had a competition on the radio, and we joined the winners on a bus down to the event…drinking several of these:

I wasn't drinking the Bundaberg Rum (not a rum drinker) but was indulging in some vodka, lime & soda UDL's.

We stopped for lunch at the Cooroy Pub (delicious but filling chicken panini), and eventually arrived at about 3pm'ish (mid afternoon some time). We made our way in, and after making a detour to get the coolest rings ever at one of the stalls, set ourselves up at the Blues & Roots bar.

Jelly style LED rings, they actually flashed 3 different colours

We enjoyed some drinks while enjoying the world's most hardcore harmonica player, with the worst fitting pants. I'm not kidding – they drooped at the front, making him look like he had no package, while hanging loosely below his butt, making him look like he had no butt. The boy just had no junk in either trunk!

Musically, the band were pretty decent and the lead singer had some nice vocals. The band was Voodoo Catfish? Catfish Voodoo? Something like that, unfortunately not good enough to make me want to google them.

Straight after them we got to see Busby Marou, who I have loved since hearing their song hit Triple J:

The sound quality was every bit as incredible as I hoped. At one point they even rocked two guitars at one time!

We watched a couple more acts, then headed out to the main stage to witness some of the headliners, including Darryl Braithwait (HORSES BABY) and the start of Jimmy Barnes. I didn't catch any photos of them, but I did manage to catch an image of just how freaking cold it was (Vikki demonstrating the cold by pretending to smoke using her breath only).

My feet were absolutely numb, so my lesson for the day was that if I'm going to wear my converse shoes to an outdoor festival, then I need to wear thicker socks, or double the number of socks!

We eventually made our way back onto the bus, where I dozed on and off until it was time to go home. I slipped out of the bus, literally, falling on the stairs and landing on my bum and elbow. No broken bones but plenty of bruises! Even over a week later and they're still black and purple…owwies.

Overall it was a great day, and a huge thanks to Zinc for putting on the bus. I had loads of fun, and I may almost be tempted to come back again (provided the line up is good enough to attract my attention – I don't know many “country” acts).

And finally, cheers to Bel and Vikki for the fun!


Let me know your thoughts!