Photos from the week ending 11th January

Sunday 5th January

As part of the 52 in 52, every Sunday is going to be a self portrait, aka “selfie”. This was the first of the year, and won't be my finest. After having a sugar detox for 5 days, on this day I had my first taste of sugar again, and it hit me hard. I'd had a huge lunch, some birthday cake and then crashed. I had to get Mario to drive the car back home from Brisbane (I could barely stay awake in the car) and promptly passed out on the couch. I tried some of my face, but trust me, NO ONE needed to see that. I looked and felt terrible.

Monday 6th January

Over the Christmas break I managed to enjoy 2 weeks holiday (I can't say I actually rested much though), and this monday marked the return to work. It was a long and tough first week back, and I'm already counting down until my next holidays. Malaysia in April. It can't come soon enough.

Tuesday 7th January

Mario and I decided to go for a walk down to the beach at night with my dog, Missy. It was a beautiful night out, so I thought I would snap a shot of the beach. This particular area is called the “Loo with a View” at Mooloolaba. During the summer, on Wednesday nights I believe, a group of drummers all sit here and just play together. They have no set song or rhythm, they just drum. It's quite the spectacle (once I think I counted about 15 drummers), and amazing to just sit and listen to.

Wednesday 8th January

Another regular feature for the year will be “What is it Wednesday?” If you follow me on twitter (@kelsbells) I will be posting the photos there open for guesses. This one in particular, to ruin it for you, was a shower head.

Thursday 9th January

Ah, my dog. What would I do without her? This was taken during a morning down at the park. She's covered in her own spit that sprays from the ball as it bounces, and grass from the thick spots that she dives into in her quest to get the ball as fast as she can. It's her favourite game, and she has been known to play for hours on end. Quite possibly the happiest dog known to man, and the light of my life. My girl.

Friday 10th January

Today I had lunch with the girls, which was needed after a not so great morning. We headed to a new bar nearby, called Taps Australia. It's a bit revolutionary around these parts, as you use the button (bottom right picture) to swipe at the bottom of the beer taps, then pour yourself a beer. You can put credit on the button at the counter, and it means they can track exactly how much you consume in one sitting. It's quite smart actually. It's just a shame I really suck at pouring beer.

The venue has quite a cool vibe to it too. At the counter you'll find a countless amount of board games to play, and the food was quite good. I had a mini “wangus” burger (wagyu and black angus mix) with chips on the side, a perfect portion. Great lunch venue. In fact, our staff are all headed there this Friday as a “welcome back” lunch to welcome everyone back from their Christmas holidays. This may or may not have been my idea 🙂 At least I got the approval of the owner of the company before sending out the email!

Any excuse for a beer on a Friday afternoon right?

Saturday 11th January

As part of the pre-wedding weekend activities (friends of mine got married today, Sunday) there were all sorts of activities planned. Everyone had a dinner on the Friday night, and on Saturday we had the wedding rehearsal, then made our way out for geocaching. You have GPS coordinates, then need to find a little cache that usually contains a notebook to write down your name and where you're from. It's pretty cool.

Afterwards we played laser force, then I headed home for some much needed items to be done at home. Great day.

Let me know your thoughts!