Photos from the week ending 18th January

Sunday 12th January Today I got to witness two of my friends celebrate their relationship by formalising their love with a commitment ceremony. I wish with all my heart I could say they got married, but unfortunately the politicians in this country are still far too ignorant to realise that there's no harm in allowing … Read more

Photos from the week ending 11th January

Sunday 5th January As part of the 52 in 52, every Sunday is going to be a self portrait, aka “selfie”. This was the first of the year, and won't be my finest. After having a sugar detox for 5 days, on this day I had my first taste of sugar again, and it hit … Read more

Photos from the week ending 4th January

Part of my 52 in 52 list for 2014 is to take a photo a day. Each Sunday I plan on posting photos from the week before. Wednesday 1st January Mario (the nickname for my boyfriend due to his Italian heritage) and I enjoyed a sleep in after a party at his friend's place the … Read more