When will the pain to go away?

I'm so weak right now.

If he called I would go running.

I hate myself for it.

It hurts so much, the pain is incredible. Everything reminds me of him. I feel like I have no stories that aren't about him, or involve him in some way.

I just want to feel his arms around me, the warm protective embrace he had. Even if we had argued I always felt so safe there. My safe place, my haven.

Every day I walk out of the office I see work vehicles that remind me of him. I go to a football game, it's his team. I try to have fun but my mind returns to him. I scan the crowd, hoping to glimpse a sight of him, not knowing if he is actually there or not.

I dream of a reunion, of everything changing and that we have this fairytale ending.

It won't. We won't.

I need this feeling to pass soon.

It's killing me.

I feel so hopeless.

This brave face can't last much longer.

Let me know your thoughts!