Losing control and fighting to regain it

This morning I woke up and ate 7 chocolate biscuits before 6am. I had a cup of tea, and I ate in secrecy because no one else was awake yet. If they were, I wouldn’t have done it. This is a symptom of my eating disorder. I’ve just gotten back from a weekend away, spending … Read more

Meet my Harpy – ED Group Week 5

Tonight was week 5 of my 10 week eating disorder group. We’ve officially reached the halfway point, and I’m actually sad in a way. I look forward to these meetings now, and my Tuesday nights are going to feel a bit empty without it. There are people in there that I just adore; I love … Read more

What do I need? – ED Group Week 3

Notepad asking "what is my needs"

Tonight was week 3 of my Eating Disorder Group Program….and it was….a lot. After 2 weeks of feeling uncomfortably comfortable, tonight we started to dig into the deeper stuff and truly become vulnerable. I mean, I didn’t even have that much to share and I still was overwhelmed with emotion. I think empathy can be … Read more

If it’s important to me, it’s important – ED Group Week 2

blog cover - if it's important to me it's important

Tonight was week 2 of my 10-week eating disorder program, and I wanted to get all the thoughts swirling around in my head down onto paper (website?) before I lose them. Tonight was another night where at one point I felt uncomfortable again, like it was all taking too long. But yet again at the … Read more

Working on my worst so I can be my best – ED Group Week 1

Tonight was my first session of a 10 week eating disorder program. I have a cold at the moment, and the thought of sitting at the computer for 3 hours seemed horrific. I’ve been napping today trying to get energy, I’ve been working off and on to keep things deadlines under control…and I feel awful. … Read more