It’s now all black and white, exactly how I needed

There's one thing about my mother that has always bugged me when I watch her deal with people that have mistreated her, and completely taken advantage of her. She always believes they will change. She always believes it will come good. She always believes that she and that person will get along in the future. Normally that would be a good trait, but not when dealing with someone that should be forgotten about.

Throughout my breakup with C, I have seen a similar trait in myself, and I hate it. [...]  read more

Just another stupid love song

This song sums up how I have been feeling in the last day or so. To update you, C and I had an argument which ended the relationship for good. I will probably spend time writing my feelings down in the next few days while I let it sink in, but for now this song is capturing my mood pretty damn well.


Its one thing to ask why we break up. Have you ever wondered why it is we fall in love? Can you tell me? Do you know what it is you're looking for? What do we need? Can you tell me why I care? How is it that we hear that voice that says i want you there? [...]  read more