52 in 52: Have a weekend away in a Hotel with a Spa

“52 in 52” is a list of things that I would like to complete throughout 2014. Click here to the whole list.

I love going for weekends away, and I love spas, thus it was a no-brainer to add this one to the list. After a long, highly stressful week at work I was thrilled when Mario agreed to go away for the weekend. We found a gorgeous little B & B on Mount Tamborine called Avocado Sunset, booked online, packed up the car and away we went.

Our hosts were incredible. They were so lovely to chat to, and the following morning they cooked quite the amazing breakfast.

We had originally thought about going out for dinner, but all we really wanted to do was cuddle up, have a spa, drink some wine and relax. Thus “dinner” was some beautiful Riesling that I bought from New Zealand last year (Stonyridge to be exact), a variety of cheeses, prosciutto, cheese twist things, fruits and nuts. It was all we needed. We watched a movie on the TV, had a long candlelight spa (it's a two person spa, so nice), and went to sleep.  [...]  read more