Moving in and unpacking

I have been writing all of these updates from my phone, and so my updates are lacking in detail. We have the internet set up at home now though, so very soon I will actually crack open the laptop and write in a worthy update with pictures. But in a nutshell, we have moved in and we are in the process of unpacking! 

It’s been such a huge process. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families and friends. It’s incredible to think that in just over a few weeks this place has been almost completely gutted and rebuilt. I can’t wait to share proper photos with you as soon as everything has been put away, but right now it’s a bit of a box town. We are starting to make some serious dents in it though, and as we speak Mario is in the garage packing away all the camping gear.  [...]  read more

House update: we get the keys and work begins

It’s been a crazy week this week, hence the lack of posts. On Wednesday we received the keys to our new house, and I guess you could say we moved in. And by moved in, I mean we brought a swag over. Yep, the first night we slept in a swag in the master bedroom.

Thursday was the Australia Day public holiday, so after a single night camp out, work immediately got under way.

The floors start to come up

First thing in the morning the in-laws drove up from Brisbane ready to lend a hand. They arrived shortly before 9am, and before you could blink they were into it. [...]  read more

House update: handover and flooring

I can’t believe how quickly the handover of the house has come up! Next week we get the keys and the renovation officially begins. 

In the past few weeks it’s been a bit crazy! First up was an issue with Suncorp with the funds getting from one account to another. Thankfully that was sorted out after a day. Then we had to scramble to organise electricity so they could service the garage door. Finally we purchased the flooring, getting some from both the coast and Brisbane.  [...]  read more