2018: a look back on the year that was

It’s incredible to think how much has changed in this past year. I started the year breastfeeding a 2 month old and couch bound a lot of the day, and finish the year training for my first ever half marathon. It’s been an up-and-down year, sure, like most people, but there is so much to be grateful for.

Once again I did the 1 Second Every Day video, which I’ve shared below for you. Take a look and let’s enjoy 2018: the year that was.

Highlights (in no particular order):

  • My son turning 1
  • Celebrating my second year of marriage with my husband
  • Running 5km with friends in the Sunshine Coast marathon festival, and doing the Muddy Rumble obstacle course with other friends/family
  • So much time with friends and family, loved it all
  • Dropping 20 years of anger and moving on
  • Losing 15kg
  • Our holidays away – Gold Coast, Stanthorpe, Townsville for my cousin’s wedding, camping trips
  • Being able to run again
  • Returning to work (a little bit of “me”)
  • Attending the Commonwealth Games (bucket list right there)
  • Those gigles from my son (nothing beats that sound)
  • Home renovations – pergola being built
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    Product review: aquamamma hydration drinks

    Before I fell pregnant, I was already a thirsty person. You will always find me with a water bottle nearby: on my desk at work, in my bag, on my bedside table. In fact, when my husband and I got married we threw in some sneaky funny vows at the end of the ceremony for each other (i.e. Mario had to write out vows I wrote for him to read me, and vice versa, except we only found out what they were during the ceremony). One of his was that he vowed to always put a bottle of water by my bed every night for me!

    Once I fell pregnant and hit the third trimester my thirst suddenly hit a new level. Now by the time I’ve finished breakfast I’ll have consumed somewhere between 500 – 750ml; all before 8am. You won’t me without a water bottle during the day at all. Admittedly, I’m still getting up to pee during the night because I still haven’t been able to nail the whole “reduce the water before bed thing”. I have no regrets.

    I recently was given the opportunity to trial some hydration drinks by aquamamma, aimed at women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding. Of course I jumped at the chance – something to make my fluid intake interesting? Yes please!

    Some facts about hydration during pregnancy

    I was sent 6 bottles – 3 flavours, 2 samples of each flavour. Included was a booklet with some facts about hydration during pregnancy, which I found really interesting:

  • The total fluid in the body increases by about 1.4L (I wish use that to explain my weight gain, but we all know that’s not entirely true)
  • Adequate hydration helps to reduce headaches, fatigue and swelling (I vouch for this – the days where my intake has been low are the days I’ve had swollen ankles)
  • The recommended intake of fluid for pregnant women is 2.3L per day
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    What I never leave home without (my running equipment)

    Garmin 920xt

    At my recent triathlon, I was lucky enough to score a free shirt from the Garmin exhibit, which read:

    If you see me collapse, someone pause my Garmin

    Sadly, that sums me up SO well. There are some things that when it comes to training, I just don’t leave home without.

    The shoes

    This is where a bit of money goes, but not the most (you’ll freak when you see the cost of my watch).

    I religiously lived for my old Nike Lunarglide, but they recently reached the point where I was blistering up again because they had reached point of death. It was time to move on.

    When I went to buy some new ones, the lady convinced me to try on these Asics GT 2000 3 (D). Admittedly they were incredibly comfortable and soft to walk in, but now that I’ve finished reading Born to Run, I’m wishing I’d try for one of the barefoot style shoes. I’m still thinking about going that way.

    My old Lunarglides never gave me any blisters when I started wearing them, and unfortunately I’m not having that same experience with the Asics. I’ll give them time however, I don’t want to drop all that money just for them to clog up space at home. Whatever shoes you opt to use, make sure that you’ve thought seriously about your aims, and got what’s best for you. Do not just go for something that looks good.

    Running clothes:

    Well, duh. Because otherwise I would be naked. I’m not your Lorna Jane princess though, as I still can’t really justify spending $80 on some shirt with a slogan designed to make me look sexy. When I’m running, there is nothing sexy about sweating and puffing. I’m not there to look good; I’m there to be comfortable and enjoy myself.

    Thus my usual running clothing consists of some comfortable shorts; I’ve become a bigger lover of some that Adidas make that go about halfway down my legs. No short shorts here, no one needs to see this flub flapping around! I want leg coverage so that I don’t have to worry about showing too much skin, and can focus on my form. [...]  read more