52 in 52: Weekly Round Up Week 11

Newly completed:

As expected, nothing was done in the last week. However this coming week is going to be a cracker!

Currently underway:

  • Run 5km in under 30mins: So I did a fun run on the weekend, and clocked in at 30mins and NINE seconds. NINE. I’ve replayed the race so many times in my head now, and wondered where I could have saved 10 seconds to come in at 29mins and 59 seconds. If only I hadn’t thought I’d missed it only 300m from the end and slowed down a little. If only the girl hadn’t jumped in front of me in the botanical gardens and slowed right down, I could have kept my pace up. If I had just pushed through the stitch a bit harder at the 3km mark. If that third kilometre was 6 mins 10 secs instead of 6 mins 20 secs! But hey, I’m still super proud of my effort because it’s 2mins faster than what I’ve done previously, and it was only my third run in a month. I was actually hoping to just come in under 33mins, so I’m thrilled how close I came! Knowing that I’m so close to that mark means I’m already on the hunt for my next 5km run, and this goal is certainly achievable this year.
  • Reach my goal weight of 69kg: Depending on the day of the week I weigh in, I’m anywhere from 3.5 – 4.5kg from this mark, yay! I’ve fluctuated in the last week between 73.5 and 74.5, but that’s because I’ve had some heavy meals, particularly on the weekends. For example the night before my run I made sure to eat a fair bit more than usual to make sure I had plenty of energy come the run at 7am the next morning. I’ve just started week 4 of the 12 week challenge, so with 8 weeks left to go I should crack this…if not, something’s wrong!

Aim to complete:

  • Read a book from the NYT Bestsellers list: I ended up finishing the book “The Girl on the Train” last night, I just haven’t blogged it yet. Great book though, very enjoyable.
  • Games night with friends using games bought from an op shop: It’s scheduled in for Friday night, yay! Can’t wait!

For more information on my 52 in 52 list, please click here.

Let me know your thoughts!