52 in 52: Weekly Round Up Week 18

Busy week over, and another coming up. I almost think that statement is becoming redundant, my life is never *not* busy.

Newly achieved:

Yay, I have things to report in!

  • Get a sight check (spoiler alert: I end up with glasses)
  • Date night for April: I forgot to mention this one, we had a movie date to go see the latest Fast and the Furious movie…and yeah I cried when Paul Walker came on the screen. Whatever, I’m sad he’s gone.
  • Sunrise once a month: I was up on the weekend for the dawn service commemorating the 100 years since the landing of the Anzacs at Gallipoli, and the service was beautiful. Some pics for you:

Currently underway:

  • This week I need to try a new recipe for April. Not sure what I’m going to do yet, so I had better figure that out quickly! It’s gotta be something healthy though, only 2 weeks left on my 12 week challenge
  • Blog posts: I’ve got some drafts in the go but they need a bit of polishing, breakfast this week will be spent drinking a smoothie while editing!

Aim to complete:

  • Some more Big Bang episodes, I’m marching ever so slowly towards being up-to-date…
  • Budget for May
  • New recipe for April
  • Blog posts

Plus a lot of exercise, and hopefully some weight loss.

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Let me know your thoughts!