52 in 52: weekly round up week 3

I’m a little bit behind in posting this weekly update this week, but that’s because I’ve been spending every spare moment reading (aka cramming) my book for my girls book club. We’re catching up tonight and I still have some to go – eek!

So the results from the past week and a bit:

Newly completed

Aim to complete this week

Alas I’m writing this on the Thursday, which leaves only a couple of days left in the week. My plans are booked in for tonight (catch up with book club and gym), and tomorrow night a friend should be arriving from Brisbane to stay for the rest of the weekend so I don’t expect I’ll actually get anything done. I promise I’m not giving up already – I’ve just been focused on not being behind in other stuff!

Begin planning for

We have to have a date night once a month, so I need to try and get that happening for this month. It’s running out faster than I would have thought! I’ll need to lock in a night with the boyo for next week and make sure we do that.

I also need to book in the massage, which I *think* I have a free weekend next weekend, so I will book it in for then. That’s going to be awesome.

I’ve been on top of my budgeting this month, but I need to sit down and work out my overall debt and how much I should be paying off per month in order to meet a yearly target. However based on what I’ve paid off this month already, I’m sitting pretty and don’t expect to be behind for the month, even by setting the goal after 3/4 of the month is over.

I also had the following left over from last week, which are under way:

  • Run 5km in under 30mins (I’m back at the gym and running, so this is in progress)
  • Hire something fun (planning for my birthday weekend)

If I get both the date night for the month and the massage completed next week, that would be awesome!


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