9 days in and 2 down

Well, 2020 is off to a cracking start! We’re 9 days in and I’ve been able to cross a few things off my 52 list already, and made progress on others!

First sickness for 2020

Unfortunately this weekend I came down with some weird sickness – I think a nasty but short-lived cold. My in-laws were up on Sunday, and I felt terrible, because I was a complete sloth that day. Not exactly quality visiting material. Thank goodness they had Luca and the hubby to keep them company. All up I had about 13 hours of sleep and clearly needed it.

I ended up taking Monday off work too, and alternated couch/nap time with trying to do a little bit of housework. Tuesday I worked, but I worked from home so I wasn’t sharing whatever I had around the office. Today it’s Thursday, and I’m feeling much better, but still have a stuffy gross nose. I worked from the office today, but kept mostly to myself (still worried about sharing).

Fun fact – every time I blew my nose in the office I felt compelled to go to the bathroom so I could check I didn’t have boogers hanging out!

I’ve given myself the week off exercise, just until I’m confident my energy levels are back to normal. Then I’ll get back to my MAF running training. My eating is going well’ish though (only a deviation on one day) so that’s good.

First 52s checked off

Raise money for charity

You would be living under a rock if you didn’t know about the bushfire disaster in Australia right now. Millions of hectares, countless wildlife, and too many homes and lives, have all been lost. It’s horrific.

I won’t get into the political side of things, I’ll save that rant for my husband, but what is clear is this:

People need our help.

Last week I coordinated a morning tea fundraiser at work, which was held on the day I worked from home. However that morning I dropped in some baked goods, and coordinated what I could from home. Thankfully one of my work colleagues was good enough to help me and collect all the money. I was thrilled that we raised $100

On top that, I have:

  • Personally donated $70
  • Committed to a half marathon run/walk requesting sponsorship
  • Donated Luca’s old cot, mattress and a tin of formula to a group that were doing a run down south with supplies

If you’re interested in helping out, this NSW Rural Fire Service page has some great information on ways to help.

Sell our second hand stuff

We’ve had a pile of stuff that I’ve needed to sell in forever, and kept putting it off. After nearly a year of not getting around to it, I finally put it on my 52s and found the extra motivation I needed.

It’s all stuff that was used when Luca was a baby. We’re about 99% sure we won’t be having a second baby (never say never), so it was just clutter. This year I’m all about decluttering (one of my other 52s is 52 weeks of decluttering) so it had to go. Plus I was sure there were it’s that would benefit from it more than me.

The money has all been put into our savings account, for it to sit there and wait for something fun to do. Or an emergency. You know…the whole reason have a savings account in the first place right?

In progress:

I’ve also made a head start on these ones:

  • Selfie a day (it makes a video at the end of the year, kinda hard to explain)
  • One second a day video
  • Use skin cream on my chest (for sun damaged skin)
  • 52 weeks of decluttering
  • Make a goals diary
  • Focus clean one room a week

I’m really happy with how this year has started! Obviously it’s early but wouldn’t it be nice if I could keep this momentum up? Life happens though, right?

Let me know your thoughts!