Cluster feeding…oh what a night

Overnight I learned what cluster feeding is. I learned that lesson at midnight, again at 1am, then 2am and so on. Right now it’s 6.30am and I’m still googling to make sure that’s what it is.

We are exhausted.

Mario and I are still working on a routine that allows both of us to get adequate sleep. Right now our strategy is “be more stubborn than the other one”, where we try to make each other go to bed. Needless to say it’s not very successful.

We did have a plan that I would feed and he would settle, but given neither of us sleep on schedule it’s not working. We eventually succumb to sleep out of pure exhaustion instead. Then the other person creeps around with bub trying not to wake the other up.

Mario wants to use expressed milk so I can sleep, but I disagree with that approach. Part of the reason for cluster feeding is to increase supply. If we were to use expressed milk for bub then it just means I have to express again to make up for the missed feed. Otherwise my body won’t understand it needs to increase the supply to meet the requirements of additional feeds. So the idea of giving bub expressed milk just to compound the issue isn’t worth it.

I know this phase will pass with bub and eventually feeds will become efficient and longer lasting. I also know that Mario and I will work out how to share the responsibility. Right now we are so determined to let the other one rest that we aren’t doing any favours.

Right now though, if the offer comes up for me to take the next nap I’m totally taking up that offer. If I don’t fall asleep where I sit now…

17 thoughts on “Cluster feeding…oh what a night”

  1. It will pass but you are very right (this is from experience of breast feeding 4 babies including current 3 month old!) your body is responding to baby. Your milk is only just coming in. If you need a break 1 offs might not hurt but regular at this early stage is not really recommended ‘if’ you want to EBF which is not for everyone

  2. I think it’s a boy thing. They are always hungry. Feeding every 2 hrs was the norm for my boys. Rylie was every 1-2 hours. Very exhausting. Trust you gut you will find a way that works for you all.


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