Breastfeeding is fucking hard (but so worth it)

Breastfeeding is hard

I’m three weeks into this parenting gig, and so far breastfeeding is the biggest thing that’s threatened to break me. We’ve been pretty blessed with a wonderful son:

  • He’s sleeping relatively well; we average 5 – 7 hours a night of broken sleep
  • His bowels are moving really well, and he farts like a trooper (I’ve become skilled at nappy changes)
  • No health issues to report on
  • Loves cuddles

Breastfeeding has totally caught me by surprise though. They said it was hard work, but I just never really grasped exactly how hard. As I write this I’ve just finished pumping some milk as we’re trying to build up a backup supply (for emergencies, top ups etc). I applied breastmilk to my nipples and let them air dry, then followed that with some Lansinoh cream (imagine the nipple equivalent of lip balm). [...]  read more

Gross things I now love since giving birth (that all new mothers will understand)

Holy cow. I’m a mother. I had a baby via emergency c-section. I’m still getting my head around that.

Now yes, I could be writing the usual “babies are amazing” posts, and I’m sure they will come at some point in the future. So far, the closest I’ve gotten so far is my week one recap. However I thought I would focus on something a little left of field instead of the predicted emotional post.

Let’s talk about gross stuff.

Since having a baby, there are so many gross things that I have come to really freaking love. We need to talk about these things, celebrate them, cheer them on for the amazingness they really are! [...]  read more

Cluster feeding…oh what a night

Overnight I learned what cluster feeding is. I learned that lesson at midnight, again at 1am, then 2am and so on. Right now it’s 6.30am and I’m still googling to make sure that’s what it is.

We are exhausted.

Mario and I are still working on a routine that allows both of us to get adequate sleep. Right now our strategy is “be more stubborn than the other one”, where we try to make each other go to bed. Needless to say it’s not very successful.

We did have a plan that I would feed and he would settle, but given neither of us sleep on schedule it’s not working. We eventually succumb to sleep out of pure exhaustion instead. Then the other person creeps around with bub trying not to wake the other up. [...]  read more