Staying updated with Kelly’s World

In preparation for maternity leave I’ve started to put more effort into my blog. I want to try and capture as much of these memories as I can, along with the emotional ride that’s going to come with it. I figure it will be my creative output when most of my life will shortly become a combination of feeding, changing nappies and lack of sleep.

When I started this blog (thank you sister), it was an outlet for me. It was somewhere to work through my thoughts. At the time I didn’t care about who was reading it, it was just somewhere for me personally.

As time went on, I realised a number of things:

  • Reading back on my journey reminds me of the milestone events in my life that have shaped who I am as a person. That includes the dark stories, like break up blogs, or fundamental highlights, like meeting Mario for the first time and when we became engaged.
  • It’s like a photograph – I can look back and re-live the whole experience again
  • When I fell pregnant I couldn’t find any blogs of people going through the same journey I was – namely no one who was writing about the things that sucked. As time went on it got better of course, but I’m sure there are other people out there going through the same thing who would really benefit from knowing they’re not alone.
  • It’s a great way for friends and family to stay up-to-date with what we’ve been up to
  • It allows me to connect with other bloggers, and a whole new community of people

This blog has become so important to me. The more I invest time into it, the more I have started to really appreciate the readers.

Every time someone reads a post, comments, or shares, it makes me so happy. I love hearing what you all have to think, or the advice that you share with me on a daily basis. Thank you all for taking the time to share with me in my life story, and playing such a big part in it.

Bearing that in mind, I thought I would share details on how you can stay up-to-date with everything yet to come!

Facebook page

I’ve just recently started up a “Kelly’s World” facebook page, which you can “like” using the link below. I share new posts on there, along with random thoughts during the week as well. If you ever wanted to share that page with your friends, I would certainly love it!

Email subscription

On the right-hand side of my blog you can sign up to receive email notifications. You’ll receive copies of new posts in your email to read there.

Apps you can use

There’s a few different apps you can use, and I’ve personally recommended my favourites below.


Feedly is my number 1 method for subscribing to other blogs that I find interesting; check out my list below:

I follow everything in here, from news websites, to technology to various personal blogs. I use this tool daily, if not multiple times a day. It’s my go-to when I feel like reading something.

Essentially what you do is search for a site, click “follow” and away you go. When you open the site (there’s a website as well as apps for your phone) if there’s a new article it will show in the list.  It’s that simple.


This is a relatively new site that I’ve just become aware of and in the middle of trying. Compared to Feedly it’s a bit more visually interesting, with more images and a more “magazine” style layout. You can also get daily digests emailed to you of updates from the sites you follow, plus recommendations of other sites.

I have turned off a fair few of the daily updates it sends as I was finding it a bit much, and switched it to be frequent instead of every day. However I do like the way the app looks, so I’m going to be giving it a bit more of a go.

If you already use Bloglovin’ or you’re interested in trying it out you can follow my blog using the link below. Like feedly, there’s apps and a website.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Other social media channels

Finally, you can find me on a few other social media channels:

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and feedback on my blog as well. Are you enjoying it? Is there anything about my site that that I could do better?

Let me know your thoughts!