Clean up Australia Day 2019

This year one of my 52 in 52 goals was to participate in Clean Up Australia Day 2019. It was one of those items that I decided on when looking at a recap on the news last year. I knew I would have a feel good moment from it, so onto the list it went!

My friends decided to join me, although unfortunately our first choice location wasn’t available after the terrible beach erosion from Cyclone Oma. We were the fourth team to work through this area this morning and we were still collecting this much rubbish and cigarette butts! [...]  read more

52 in 52: 2019 edition

Heyyyyyy – it’s 2019 everyone! A new year, which means a new 52 list! I’m yet to blog the results from last year, with some updates of some of the more notable ones but *spoiler alert* I did 100% of them! The first time in 10 years of doing the list!


Also, holy cow, this is the 11th year of doing my 52 in 52! I think I probably should have some sort of party to celebrate, right? I should have done that last year to celebrate the decade, but um, whoops.

Anyways, let’s get cracking onto the list, I’m excited to share it with you all. [...]  read more

December update for 52 in 52

I just went to look at when I last posted an update on my 52 list, and it was March! Whaaat? Then I realised that I had a post from August in my drafts, oops. Guess there’s no point posting that one. Needless to say I’m extremely overdue in posting an update.

There’s only one month left to go in the year so it’s a final sprint to finish the list, but I’m really excited at how things are looking right now. Let’s take a look!

What’s left to go:

There’s only 10 (!!!) items left on the list to complete this year. Of that, 4 of them are underway and nearly complete, and the others shouldn’t be too hard to complete. It’s just a matter of making the time!

  1. Write a blog letter to baby each month (this is my “Luca Letter” series) – I’ve got 2 letters to write, his 11 and 12 month letters.
  2. Make a photo book for Luca’s first year – this is also underway, hoping to get it finished this weekend.
  3. Take a family photo – we have photos of us all together, but I have something specific in mind. I want something nice, I don’t want a selfie.
  4. Accept help when offered as often as possible – this is something that doesn’t have a definite value for which I can measure whether it’s completed or not. I could say that it’s completed because I’ve been working on accepting help, and I have quite a few examples of that throughout the year. But I want to keep reminding myself of this right up until the year is over.
  5. See a doctor about my veins – booked in for a fortnight away. Recently my friend saw the veins in my ankle and was shocked at how bad they were. It will be interesting to see what the doc has to say.
  6. Frame/print a photo I’ve taken – still yet to do but quite a few that I want to print. The photo book also technically qualifies for this too.
  7. Learn how to do makeup – I’ve had a friend show me some techniques briefly, but I’d like to spend just a little bit of time trying out some techniques from online and just improve a bit more (if anyone out there is wonderful with makeup and wants to do a hard lesson with me I’d love it).
  8. 30 day declutter challenge – I went a bit easier on myself with this one in that it didn’t have to be 30 days in a row. It’s underway though, about 50% of the way through.
  9. Meditate for 5mins every day for a week – I’ve started this one so many times, and ultimately end up going to bed and forgetting to do it for a night. Going to make time for it this week.
  10. Have a date night with the husband 12 times (take turns to organise) – we’ve had 11 dedicated date nights for the year already, and the last one is coming up this week. To be clear, this is stuff that’s not just the usual “sit on the couch and watch tv”, it has to be where effort was made to make it feel like a date.

Highlights from what I’ve accomplished this year

There’s been so much that I’ve done this year, and I’ll post a full list at the end of the year, but I wanted to share some highlights.

  • Eat from a small plate every night for a week/pre-make a week’s worth of lunches: these ones were about portion control and controlling temptation. I ended up subscribing to Lite n Easy this year, which in my opinion has fulfilled both of these items. It’s been incredibly successful too, and as of the moment I’m 16kg down for the year, 26kg since I gave birth.
  • Go to a sporting event: I went to the Commonwealth Games this year – lifetime bucket list complete. It was amazing! I went to the swimming and cycling finals with my family (awesome), and the Closing Ceremony (not so awesome).
  • Run 5km: I did the 5km Sunshine Coast Marathon event with friends, and even this morning I did a 5km park run. Stay tuned for improvements on this task next year – I’ve signed up for my first ever half marathon!
  • Host a birthday party: We held a party for our son’s 1st birthday, which was amazing and went way too quickly. But it was so unbelievably fun and I can’t wait to plan his next one (but maybe don’t come too soon, I don’t want him growing up that fast!)
  •  [...]  read more

    10 blogs I discovered in 2018

    I love reading blogs, almost as much as I enjoy writing on my own. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa, putting my feet up and starting to read through the latest (courtesy of Feedly I can subscribe to blogs and just browse through the latest posts on all the different sites, right from one place). There’s something so enjoyable about just observing someone else’s life and learning through their experiences.

    Obviously you must enjoy reading blogs too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!  [...]  read more

    March update for the 2018 52-in-52 list

    I didn’t do as well as previous months this month in ticking off completed items – in fact I only completed 2 for the month. But I’ve made progress towards some of the bigger ticket items – the ones that need to be continuously worked on.

    There’s 35 items remaining to go.

    Let’s take a look.


    Go camping

    I haven’t had time to write a post on this yet, but we went camping with the little one and some friends. We had a great time, and can’t wait to go again! It was our first trip with our new camping trailer and uh, let’s just it was a toss up between being glad we were only gone for a night, and wishing we could stay longer.

    We discovered the canvas has aged and needed some waterproofing stat. It was leaking through the seams, and puddled on the ground during the overnight rains. However we all still stayed warm and dry, and that’s the main thing! It was a great trial run for us to learn about unpacking and packing, and what material we need.

    We also learned about camping with a baby. Equipment wise we did really well – there wasn’t anything missing that we needed. However it was difficult to gauge what to dress the baby in overnight. When he went to bed it was warm, but due to the overnight rain it cooled things down rapidly and he got cold. I’m not sure of the exact solution yet as we don’t want to overheat him when he first goes down on the off chance it rains. As he gets older it will become a lot easier when we can just add blankets (right now he sleeps in a sleeping bag to avoid smothering risks).

    Bathing Luca while out camping was a highlight – look at these awesome pics!

    Since we came back Mario has already painted the canvas with some waterproofing stuff, and from what I’ve been told it’s almost solid when you try to fold it! He doesn’t know how to do things by halves that boy.

    Write a list of 52 reasons why I love my husband

    I completed this one just the other day actually, which you can read here. Bear in mind that since I completed that I could write an equally long list on why he’s a pain in the ass too! He’s not perfect (none of us are) but I love him.

    I’m planning on writing a more in-depth article about how I feel our relationship has changed since giving birth. I think it’s something I’d love to get feedback on how other couples cope, as well as do a little analysis on my own behaviour. I’ve got a lot of room for improvement, I’ll leave it at that.

    In progress

    The items that I’ve managed to make some progress on during the month are:

    • Take baby for a walk in the pram in a new spot 7 times (we visited Noosa randomly one day)
    • Write a blog letter to the baby each month (see the March/5 months old post here)
    • Run 5km (I’m back training with running, and have signed up for a 5km event in August)

    I’ve got a lot in store for April already, so it’s going to be another good month there. Commonwealth Games, mole scan, and my healthy eating plans to start with. Add to that working towards the bigger items again, and that list is going to come down quickly!