2016 year in review: a month-by-month look back

What a year of epic proportions. There were highs, there were lows, and there were moments of humility and humbleness. It’s time to look back at all of it.


  • I ran/walked 100km over the course of the month to raise money for the Wish foundation
  • As a result of my sudden jump back into running, I uncovered hip issues that would still be under treatment at the end of the year
  • Locked in the venue for our wedding, and realised that I would be married by the end of the year
  • Started watching all of the star wars movie and finally understood what was so great about them
  • Nearly died from some chilli mixture thing Mario made at home (we were struggling to breathe because the air was so thick with chilli from the carolina reapers)
  • Gave myself a second ear piercing….accidentally.
  • Celebrated my aunt’s and uncle’s 30th wedding anniversary
  • Enjoyed the hot 91 sky show with Bel, Kat, Adele and Bridge
  • Enjoyed Australia Day at Emily and Nathan’s place


  • Spent a weekend at Stanthorpe with Mario and friends to celebrate mine and Emily’s birthday
  • Turned 32
  • Confirmed I was marrying the right man when I gave him the Bohemian Rhapsody test. I put the song on, he stopped what he was doing and sang along (this song would later be one of the highlights on the dance floor of our wedding – all the girls standing around head banging together – classy)
  • Climbed Mount Coolum at sunrise with Vanessa
  • Celebrated my engagement to Mario with family and friends, and was humbled by the love
  • Had fish and chips on the beach at sunset with Emily and Nato
  • Was involved in my first 12 week challenge for the year; didn’t lose a thing (my fault)



  • Bought a swag after we lost our camping equipment in the crazy winds at Fraser the previous December
  • Spent time with my sister and Claire while they were up from Sydney
  • Made sugar-free hot cross buns that were a hit
  • Started the easter long weekend by cutting a gash in my foot by dropping my glass water bottle, resulting in several stitches in my foot
  • Had the rest of the long weekend to myself when the mister went away camping with his dad for Easter – spent it reading and trying out cooking some new recipes
  • Attempted a stress reduction course, failed
  • Ran in the “ROC Race” (Ridiculous Obstacle Course) with Mario, Eric, Ruth, Jesse and Heidi
  • Saw the today show at the beach
  • Climbed Mt Ngungun with the crew from AWA Nambour
  • Made my first hot air balloon diaper cake



  • Weighed in at the heaviest for the year (actually a long time – I was 81.9kg, and was devastated)
  • Saw a friend at work perform in Mary Poppins (he played Bert and was fantastic)
  • Discovered my 52 list existed in 2010, which means that 2017 makes it the 7th year running!
  • Went camping with Mario and my dog
  • Saw some gorgeous sunrises starting to get up and go for morning walks
  • High rates of stress brought on heart burn, and began to see a doctor
  • Started working on our hand-made wedding pieces together with Mario and his family
  • Celebrated Vasi’s hens night
  • Made tortellini by hand for the first time ever with Mario
  • Got the stitches in my foot out
  • Celebrated Tamara’s baby shower, and made my second nappy cake


  • Took the time to appreciate autumn sunrises
  • 5th blood donation for the year
  • Attempted to cook dinner for Mario for only the 4th or 5th time in our entire relationship (I’m still not convinced it was very good)
  • Enjoyed an afternoon wine tour with the crew from work
  • Sadly experienced the 5th anniversary of the passing of my friend, Sean
  • Woke up at stupid o’clock to watch Dami get robbed of the Eurovision title
  • Participated in an Agile training course
  • Celebrated the wedding of Vasi and Skip, and enjoyed a weekend at the Gold Coast at the same time
  • Had a massage
  • Introduced Mario to the Mr Hankey song
  • Watched Adelaide take the A-League GF



  • Babysat my friend’s newborn child for the night so that Mario could cook them up a degustation meal for their 10 year anniversary (first time I’ve ever looked after a newborn for longer than a 2 second hold really, this is huge, and it doesn’t matter that they were in the next room)
  • Got back into the jigsaw puzzle app on my iPad (brilliant for stress relief)
  • Made sausages at home with Mario
  • Personally designed and sent out our wedding invitations (we took a photo of the tree we were getting married under and modified it)
  • Went dress shopping with my amazing bridesmaids and figured out dress styles
  • Saw the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie
  • Took Mario’s parents out camping and had a great time (his mother’s first time camping)
  • Rode my bike for the first time in a year and had a great time
  • Started a new heart rate running program (due to hip issues still being a problem this wasn’t consistent)


  • Celebrated my aunt & uncle’s 45th wedding anniversary
  • Climbed Mount Coolum
  • Organised a surprise dinner out for Mario’s birthday with Sammy, Kate, Jarrett, Nick, Jess and myself (he’ll never trust me again)
  • Booked flights to Japan for our honeymoon and scored free business class lounge passes from Qantas
  • Weekend away in Stanthorpe for just Mario and I (sheer bliss, it was so cold so we had a raging fireplace, and so lovely to de-stress)
  • Started doing body pump classes again at the gym
  • Cheered Max on in The Great Australian Spelling Bee
  • Stress levels reach a new high, heart burn completely sets in and I begin medication
  • Go to Gold Class to see a movie with friends, drive to the wrong Gold Class and end up seeing Independence Day by myself


  • Signed up to do Steptember, 10,000 steps a day in September
  • Participated in Bridge to Brisbane with Mario, completed it in 76mins. Realised my hip issues were a lot worse than I realised and by the end of the day I wasn’t able to walk properly
  • Painted more signs and more preparation for our wedding
  • Used a driving range for the first time in my life, followed by dinner with the Brissie crew at Victoria Park Golf Course
  • Resolve a 6 month issue that had plagued me at work (this was massive)
  • Start to get back into good habits diet and exercise wise
  • Climbed Mt Ninderry with the AWA crew
  • Climbed Mt Coolum with Mario
  • Celebrated Sammy’s baby shower



  • Completed the Steptember challenge, walking 10,000 steps a day to raise money for charity
  • Made a lot of ground on my diet, and lose weight, hitting my goal to be at 23% body fat only halfway through the next round of the AWA 12 week challenge
  • Got a new balcony built at home to replace the dry rot in the old one
  • Finish writing my wedding vows
  • Had a weekend to myself while the boy is away on his buck’s weekend, and end up going for a 12km walk
  • Enjoyed a weekend camping with the Garland and Bunter families
  • Cheered Zoe on in the Mooloolaba ironman
  • Stepped down from Management at work to try and get some work/life balance back
  • Finally allowed to donate blood again after getting the heart burn issues under control
  • Had a proud fiancee moment watching Mario donate blood for the first time



  • Buy myself an apple watch, and get an apple iPhone 7 (tech month)
  • Humbled by the crew at work by their generous gifts for my (now) husband and I to wish us well for the wedding
  • Pizza night with Trent and Mari
  • Saw The Magnificent 7 at the movies with Mario
  • Celebrated the wedding of Sammy and Jarrett
  • Hit my 8th blood donation for the year
  • Git back into swimming laps after seeing the physio and being told I’m not allowed to run (continuation of the hip issues)
  • Did a 30 day plank challenge and quit at about day 20, but still hit a PB by holding a 2min plank
  • Bought Mario a flour mill for a surprise, to find out he’s surprised me with an electric coffee grinder)
  • Celebrated my 3 year anniversary with Mario
  • Had an EPIC weekend away for my hen’s weekend, with amazing friends and family
  • Handed over my engagement ring so that the wedding part of the band could be put onto it (*sniff*)



  • Married the most amazing man in the world, my Mario (and got my ring back hehe)
  • Had an amazing honeymoon over in Japan
  • Enjoyed a relaxing weekend on the Gold Coast with Mario (since Japan was non-stop)
  • Started doing yoga to help with my hip issues
  • Pumped out 2 x nappy cakes for girls in the office close to giving birth
  • Hit a total of 10kg lost for the year



  • Attend my first ever Big Bash League game (cricket)
  • Donated blood for the 10th time for the year
  • Enjoyed an amazing Christmas with family, and Boxing Day with friends
  • Didn’t win Christmas trivia (again)
  • Got my annual boob check done – all clear
  • Christmas parties for work
  • Skype Christmas dinner with Tina, Lea, Bel and Kat
  • Went back to work after 3 weeks off to the most stressful fortnight I think I’ve ever experienced there
  • After some huge efforts at work got everything back under control and things are now looking much, much more rosy
  • Got to catch up with my beautiful friend, Rou
  • Had a fun Christmas barbecue with Scott and Meaghs
  • Celebrated the 8th anniversary of my knee reconstruction
  • Attended my first WordPress meetup in what felt like months, and had a fantastic time
  • Molescan check – all clear


I really love doing recaps like this, because at the end of the year I can look back on everything that happened and be overwhelmed with appreciation. I know there have been some stressful times this year, and the first time my health has been truly affected from it. Yet when I compare that to all the good things in my life? The good wins, hands down. I have such amazing friends and family, an amazing husband, and a job that pays enough that we can splash out time-to-time on travelling and weekend trips away. We have the equipment to go camping. I live near the beach. The Sunshine Coast is beautiful.

2016…..you weren’t so bad after all. Thanks for letting me continue my life story.

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  1. Love this and the fact that you saw what I did. So many good things during the year, despite the few downs. You have a great support base around you. Hope 2017 goes as well( but with less stress- especially work! Not worth the health results’ trust me on that one. I know from experience).


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