75 Hard’ish: Day 1

Well, here I am kicking off Day 1. The first day of 75. I’m calling it “Hard’ish” since I’m not following the actual 75 hard (which is a lot bigger, defined and hard – hence the name).

I forgot to weigh in before I ate breakfast this morning, so I’m not sure what my starting weight was. When I realised I decided that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since the scales can be misleading. One of my tasks is to take a daily progress photo, and that’s where the important difference will show. I hope!

Speaking of the daily progress photo I’ve just finished that task for the day. I have a tripod set up in the study that I’m using so that I don’t have to do a mirror selfie or ask my husband. 5 years ago I did a weight loss challenge thing at the gym (oh how I wish to be that weight again) and we did photos from the front and side. I could really see difference in the side shot, so I decided for this challenge I’m going to take a photo from the front, side and back. I have back fat rolls that I’m hoping to see disappear! And as terrifying as it was to be in the front of the camera with everything hanging out, the fact is that I want to see progress. The only way to do that is to front up at the start.

My food delivery from Lite n Easy arrived this morning. In “Luca Land” that means there’s dry ice to play with! He had a ton of fun and got saturated playing with the water after the ice had dissolved.

The goal is to use the convenience and portion control of lite n easy for the next 8 weeks at least. I know I need to work on my relationship with food but right now I want to take decision-making and the need to cook out of the equation, and lite n easy delivers that.

After I post this I’ll be finishing off my breakfast, filling up my water bottle and then jumping on the treadmill while I work. I already did a 40min power walking session this morning, so this next session will be a slow walk while I work. At lunch time I’ll go for a run to get in my 30mins of exercise outside and tick another task off for the day.

Just to recap, here are the goals to complete each day for 75 days:

  • Follow a diet of my choosing
  • Exercise for 60mins total, minimum of 30mins outside
  • Drink 2L of water
  • Read 10 pages of a book every day or 10mins of an audio book
  • Write a blog post
  • Take a progress photo

So, here goes! I’m feeling pretty optimistic about it all right now, and I’m looking forward to just eating properly again. I know how much better I’ll feel in a few days. Bring it on!

See you tomorrow!

Let me know your thoughts!