I saw Weezer in Sydney

This weekend I went on a road trip to Sydney with my Mum. The plan (originally formed with C but after our recent relationship issues he decided not to come) was to come to see Weezer in concert. My mum stepped in when C said he wasn't coming, so we left straight after finishing work Friday night.

Drive-thru coffee stop


After 13 hours of driving we finally arrived, and as I had driven 12 of them I was shattered. All up I probably had about 20 – 40mins of sleep max during the trip, and once we reached my sister's place I probably had another 2 hours (after the concert I promptly passed out for a solid 8 hours).

The long drive and the lack of sleep was all worth it. Childhood dream of seeing those guys live has been fulfilled.

Some photos from the day:

Weezer on stage

Weezer logo!
Doing the Claire fist pump dance
Breakfast the next morning I had a peanut butter and banana smoothie. Amazing!
And pancakes. Sugar fest!
How far until our pit stop (where I write this now).


There is still 5 hours of driving to go tomorrow. We made the call to stay somewhere tonight along the way as we are already so tired, and as soon as we get home tomorrow I'm straight to work for 8 hours. We made a good dent in the trip home today despite the weather changing to be overcast (rainy in some areas) so hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

So its now time for bed, I'm knackered!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Let me know your thoughts!