Questions I’m asking myself

I wrote this at midnight last night to get thoughts out of my head with no intention of posting it. But it seems like now it's more relevant than ever, would love for advice or theories. Please. I'm desperate.

What is my purpose in life?

Why am I employed where I am? Is that where I see my future career?

What are my goals for this year? For five years? For 10?

Why do I find relationships difficult yet they last substantial amounts of time? Am I just persistent? Stubborn? Ignorant? Naive?

Because my relationship is difficult, does that mean it's not worth it?

Why do I feel I have to justify everything he does? Everything I do?

Why are there no little issues, only ones blown up into epic proportions?

Why aren't there more successful stories about couples post counselling? Why does it feel like society doesn't approve of counselling?

Why do I care what society thinks?

Why do I base my self esteem and confidence on what others think? Why do I need approval from others before I can give it to myself?

Why me?

Why can't I be one of those happy people?

Why don't I know how to fix this?

Where do I sign up to get the answers?


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