Lock the doors and close the blinds…

Ever since I started listening to true crime podcasts I became more freaked out about being by myself in our house. I heard the story of the East Area Rapist (aka “The Original Nightstalker”), and ever since then I’ve found myself locking all of our doors and looking around when the garage door closes. One of the women had pulled up in her car at home, when he grabbed her in the driveway. How scary! Admittedly it was in America, but still. It could happen anywhere.

It’s fair to say I’m taking a lot more care now. [...]  read more

An amazing investigative crime podcast: In the Dark

In the Dark podcast
In the Dark podcast

I know it’s been a bit of radio silence lately, but I promise it’s not that I’m intentionally neglecting my blog. I’ve just had a lot going on. I did want to share with you all about a new podcast I’m currently obsessed with though. I daresay a lot of you will come to love this podcast as much as I do.

In The Dark, by APM Reports.

Now that we’ve moved, I have a slightly longer commute in the mornings to work. Well, when I’m not working from home that is. Now instead of a 5min drive, it’s about 20mins; 25mins depending on the time of day. I honestly don’t mind though. I’ve been able to use the time to listen to podcasts, or stuff I never really get time to listen to. [...]  read more