An amazing investigative crime podcast: In the Dark

I know it’s been a bit of radio silence lately, but I promise it’s not that I’m intentionally neglecting my blog. I’ve just had a lot going on. I did want to share with you all about a new podcast I’m currently obsessed with though. I daresay a lot of you will come to love this podcast as much as I do.

In The Dark, by APM Reports.

In the Dark podcast

Now that we’ve moved, I have a slightly longer commute in the mornings to work. Well, when I’m not working from home that is. Now instead of a 5min drive, it’s about 20mins; 25mins depending on the time of day. I honestly don’t mind though. I’ve been able to use the time to listen to podcasts, or stuff I never really get time to listen to.

I heard about this one while listening to “My Favourite Murder”, another podcast that I really enjoy.

The story

In late 1989 a young boy, Jacob Wetterling, was abducted and murdered in Stearn’s County in Minnesota. After 27 years, they have finally caught the murderer. This podcast reviewed the police work, and found some pretty serious mishandling. It’s likely this case could have been solved a lot earlier. A lot of innocent people might not have been hurt either.

I won’t ruin it by going into too much detail, but if you liked Serial then you’ll really enjoy this one. You know it’s a good podcast when you:

  • Binge listen to it at every available opportunity
  • Tell a friend to listen to it, and repeat it to her every day for a week
  • Finish it, and spend time googling as many updates as you can find
  • Blog about it so that others listen and you can have more people to talk to about it

Seriously – go and listen to it, and then report back to me about what you think.

Never listened to a podcast before? Watched the Netflix series “How to make a murderer”?


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