Lombok Day 2

We rose early, as our body clocks had kicked in. Typically we get up around 5am back at home, and it was no different here. We chilled out for a bit, as I explained to Mario that when I travelled to Bali the previous year I made the mistake of thinking that everyone else would be awake early. Not the case, and I ended up wandering the streets for 2 hours before I found anywhere that was open.

Once it got to about 7am and the sun was well and truly up, we thought that was late enough. We got dressed, put our walking shoes on, and headed out the door.

It was an overcast day, so everything looked a little dull. It was still a really lovely temperature though, and I relished the warmth compared to the winter we had just left behind back in Australia.

We walked down the “main road” by the beach, which resembled a back road of a hinterland town in Australia. There was enough asphalt for one car to drive on there comfortably, but with enough dirt on either side that two cars could pass each other side-by-side if needed. The most popular form of transport, scooters, had no problems at all.

We found that along the main road there weren’t really many shops. There was some other accommodation spots overlooking the beach, including what we would later discover to be where most of our friends were staying, Sekar Kuning Yellow Flower. There were a few restaurant style places, but other than that not much else. Days later the locals would explain to us that there used to be cafes lining the beach, but due to the pollution and various other reasons, the government forced them to pull them all down. It was a shame, as one of our friends told us that it was so great when they had them there the year earlier, and had a great vibe.

Lombok Day 1 – Travelling

The day started early, rising and driving to the airport just on 6am. Mario’s mother was kind enough to drive us to the airport, and as we had so much stuff we had to take Mario’s car for the roof racks. There was only two of us, but in total we were taking: A checked … Read more