Lombok Day 2

We rose early, as our body clocks had kicked in. Typically we get up around 5am back at home, and it was no different here. We chilled out for a bit, as I explained to Mario that when I travelled to Bali the previous year I made the mistake of thinking that everyone else would be awake early. Not the case, and I ended up wandering the streets for 2 hours before I found anywhere that was open.

Once it got to about 7am and the sun was well and truly up, we thought that was late enough. We got dressed, put our walking shoes on, and headed out the door.  [...]  read more

Lombok Day 1 – Travelling

The day started early, rising and driving to the airport just on 6am. Mario’s mother was kind enough to drive us to the airport, and as we had so much stuff we had to take Mario’s car for the roof racks. There was only two of us, but in total we were taking:

  • A checked in bag each of clothing & necessities
  • Two bags of kitesurfing equipment, including two harnesses, two boards and four kites and lines, two pumps (one huge bag and one regular kite bag)
  • A bag we ended up calling “the tech bag”, which was basically a carry on bag of all gadgets and electronic equipment we didn’t want broken – cameras, go pro, and charging cables etc

Thankfully our reservation with Garuda entitled us to 30kg checked in baggage each, plus 23kg complimentary sporting goods each, then our 7kg of carry on – over 100kg of luggage allowance in total! So you can appreciate that with that much stuff to check in, we wanted to get there early and make sure we had no trouble. [...]  read more