A look back at 2017 – one second a day

I have never loved doing a project quite so much as this one. So much in fact that I’m going to do it again for 2018. I got so much out of it! My husband and I sat back and watched the video together last night, and there were so many times we said “oh yeah remember that”. So much of it seems so long ago now it’s hard to believe it was only months, not years.

2017 was one hell of a year. There were some major highs, and unfortunately some lows. It was one of the most memorable years of my life. [...]  read more

October one second a day

This month was epic in the grand scheme of things – irreversibly changing my life.

It’s the month that we gave birth to our son.

Plus some other things of course, but they pale a bit in comparison. Needless to say the video quickly becomes full of images of our little man, as well as our hospital stay and eventual return home.

Other highlights from the month:

  • Celebrated 11 months of wedded bliss with my husband
  • I learned how to use the whipper snipper for the first time
  • Picnic in the hinterlands for a 52
  • The last few days of pregnancy were hard, I was exhausted
  • Going back to hospital 14 days after bub was born with excruciating rib pain (resolved on itself, many theories on what caused it)

I can’t promise you that November is just going to be full of photos of the baby…sorry.

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September one second a day

Yet another month down, and what an epic month it has been! Seriously, I love this year.


  • Our baby shower, where we were spoiled beyond belief and incredibly humbled
  • Our beautiful niece was christened
  • Seeing the girls from one of my favourite podcasts, My Favourite Murder
  • An amazing backyard renovation led by my hubby
  • Finishing up work and officially beginning maternity leave
  • A couple of visits to the hospital with scares for bub (all clear)
  • Makeover of my blog with some new branding
  • Started collecting colostrum ready for bub’s arrival
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    August one second a day

    Woah – 3 months left for 2017! That’s just crazy!

    August was another pretty crazy month, with lots on with friends and family. To recap the monthly highlights:

  • Celebrating the birthdays of my Aunt K-A, and good friends, Vasi and Scotty
  • Lots of food adventures:
    • High tea with my Mum and Aunty Sue
    • Being able to eat indian without wanting to throw up (yay pregnancy)
    • Falling in love with Polenta all over again
    • An attempt to make banana bread that was more like “banana slush”
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  • May one second a day

    How fast is this year going?! It feels like I just posted the ones for March and April! I’m so glad I’m doing this project; it really does mean that I’m capturing the times we do get to share.

    Highlights for May

  • Countless get togethers with friends
  • Our 6 month wedding anniversary
  • Stealing a weekend away together camping
  • Hitting halfway with the pregnancy
  • A beautiful wedding for our friends
  • Starting to put the nursery together
  • A mani pedi with mum
  • Suffering a cold to kick start winter
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